Elon Musk Pushes for Families to Receive Financial Rewards for Having Children

X owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has called for financial incentives to have children. He proclaimed  that natalist policies are essential to prevent the human species from “spiraling into oblivion.”

“Having children should be incentivized, not be a financial penalty like it is in most countries,” Musk declared on X on October 31, 2023. “We must create the next generation of humans or spiral into oblivion.”

The post came as a response to a poll published by Hungarian President Katalin Novák, who inquired, “Should people with children be at a financial disadvantage compared to those without?”

“In Hungary, we would like people with children to have a financial advantage,” she continued.

Under current United States policy such as the  Child Tax Credit system, families with children below the age of 17 and making less than $400,000 on joint filings can receive a tax break for each eligible child.

Musk has previously manifested concerns about the future of mankind back in 2022 that the “biggest threat” humanity is currently facing is “population collapse.”

Additionally, in January 2022, Musk stated “we should be much more worried about population collapse,” calling attention to the reduction in birth rates of Western countries. According to a study published in January, only half of women in the US below the age of 45 have had at least one child.

Natalism is something a serious nationalist government should be addressing. Instead of providing welfare handouts, the government should be rewarding families that have children through tax cuts and other measures that lower their tax and regulatory burdens. Moreover, a serious nationalist government would do everything possible to reduce inflation and the federal government’s overall regulatory burden. This will solve the country’s cost of living problems, which will make it easier for people to affordably raise families. 

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