Embattled Rep. George Santos Hires Former Bannon, Gaetz Confidant Vish Burra as Calls for His Resignation Increase

Last week, the fake news media drew attention to a new associate of embattled Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who showed up in Congress with Santos dressed in all black and wearing an NRA backpack, which triggered the delicate sensibilities of the chattering reporter class.

That man turned out to be Vish Burra, the New York Young Republican Club impresario who once worked as a producer establishing Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast as a nationally-recognized force within the America First conservative movement. Burra also worked as an aide to Rep. Matt Gaetz, helping him weather the storm through an attempted deep state railroading with dubious sexual assault allegations and emerge battletested as arguably the most respected Republican leader in the country following his successful battle to neuter new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“[Burra] has no problem working for controversial figures – and that’s kind of what makes him a prized staffer in that regard, because he’s not going to run away scared he doesn’t care about the suppose the professional reputational risks because this is what he does,” an insider source said to the New York Post regarding Burra’s hiring.

“He’s a fixer and he’s going in to fix the problem,” the source added.

Now, Burra faces arguably his toughest task yet: rehabilitating Santos after he was exposed for embellishing his resume to bolster his campaign for Congress.

There are many prominent calls for Santos to resign and even face criminal charges for being less than truthful about his qualifications before being elected by New York voters.

Santos, a Hispanic of Brazilian descent, is even being defamed as a white supremacist because he was photographed with a hand vaguely positioned in the ‘OK’ symbol, which has been called a hate gesture by the ADL, SPLC and other left-wing thought control organizations.

Before Burra came into the fold, Santos’ handlers have advised the Congressman to avoid questioning from reporters and to duck and hide from their hectoring attempts. This has only fueled the media’s fire against Santos, as they see blood in the water due to the weak and lackluster strategy devised by his communications staff.

Big League Politics reached out to the Santos team regarding any potential change in strategy now that Burra has been brought into the mix and to confirm rumors that former Congressional candidate and New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has been hired onto the team as well. Thus far, we have yet to receive a response.

One thing is clear: If anyone will be able to rehabilitate Santos, it is Burra, whose messaging and approach could reinvent Santos into a populist fighter, exposing that the lies made by his colleagues in Congress are far worse than the mostly innocent fibs he put on his resume.

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