Embrace God; Reject The New York Times

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Reject The New York Times

In a recent article in the New York Times by Shalom Auslander titled, “In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God,” the media’s continued assault on God and believers took a somewhat rare, direct approach. Instead of telling us that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were just people living their respective truths, Shalom takes a different angle. During this holiest time of the year, the guest essayist suggests “we” should “pass over” God.

Using one of the holiest days in his parents’ religion to make a bad pun, the author is clearly trying to be controversial. But we should take the bait here to explore the fallacy that he presents.



The article states that, “in this time of war and violence, of oppression and suffering, I propose we pass over something else: God.”

Regurgitating the usual low-IQ critiques from the big brains on the left, Auslander criticized the punishment for Eve’s actions in Genesis, the hardening of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s heart during the exodus, and he even tied the war in Ukraine to his meandering rant against the Creator of the universe.

Auslander suggests that now, “as missiles rain down and the dead are discovered in mass graves, is a good time to stop emulating this hateful God.” 

No, this wasn’t taken from the Amazing Atheist’s comment section; this is from the New York Times. 

His entire argument boils down to, “God did things I don’t agree with, so we should all leave God behind.” This is the mindset of someone with the aforementioned hardened heart, someone whose pride and materialism will not allow him to get over himself. Believers would do well to recognize anti-Christian propaganda like this for what it is.

As the left often does, Auslander mistakes former President Obama for God when he writes that, “If he were mortal, the God of Jews, Christians and Muslims would be dragged to The Hague.” 

Yes, there is war because men fight each other. Yes, there is hunger because of greed, sloth and drought. There are even natural disasters that result in deaths. “And yet we praise him,” the author whines.



Ausland spends 800+ words missing the point. The problems we face are not the result of our country’s faith in God; our problems come from — though we may avoid acknowledging it — a refusal to stand by our faith.

Books could be written on the subject. But, most recently, the country’s faithful were caught off guard by COVID-19 restrictions that kept them from their churches. Many acquiesced to obtrusive government regulation of religion at that time, but this kind of anti-Christian policy would have never flown with past generations, who would simply not have allowed it. The government even went after churches holding outdoor services with attendees kept in their cars. It didn’t matter if you had two masks on and stood 30 feet apart; church was cancelled. You could get a pedicure though.


Reject The New York Times

The fact is that, during that dark time, if every Christian went to church on Sunday, there’s nothing anybody could have done to stop it. Despite the reality displayed to you on TV and through your computer, the majority of Americans believe in God. And we should take this lesson for what it was and move forward resolved to not be fooled again.

From record rates of depression to record rates of drug overdoses, deaths of despair had been climbing in this country long before the pandemic arrived. People, particularly in the collapsing Western nations, are searching for purpose and meaning as if they don’t already have it. And it is exactly the nihilistic ideas of the modern era, pushed by Auslander in his essay, that have caused the dull despair plaguing the souls of so many.

Many living in the civilization we’ve allowed to languish have fallen prey to a culture that daily declares itself against the Christian religion. There was a time when the symphonies were written, families were raised and buildings were built with the glory of God in mind. And the uninspired nature of our society, where we now shun what is beautiful for what is ugly, betrays the fact that something very significant is missing. 



And it’s not just us who suffer as a result of our tacit removal from God as a nation. Everybody in society suffers, from your parents to your children. Americans have been weak because our faith has grown weak. Look at what our children are learning in schools; look at the bankrupting costs of taking care of an elderly relative; look at our politicians; look at what’s on Netflix — actually, don’t look at that. The ails of our society are not the fault of God, but the fault of those who’ve turned their backs on Him.


Reject The New York Times

The society we live in is the result of passive Christians dropping the ball. Now, as we seek to rebuild what is clearly a broken society, we will find our efforts wasted in failure if we forget the force that forged the Western world.

Despite Auslander and his ilk peddling their godless view of reality, Christians asserting themselves in politics is making a comeback in America. People are reaffirming their faith across the nation, and the anti-Christian thugs in our media and government are very concerned

From slander by journalists to betrayals by our elected leaders, there is and has been an active smear campaign against Christians in this Christian nation for a long time.

And, in almost every instance, it is the same people that are openly attacking God. The same people who want you locked in your homes are the same people who promote abortions to young women; the same people blocking free speech on Twitter are the same people pouring gasoline onto a fire in Europe. These are the people who don’t mention the Afghanistan Papers or Julian Assange. These are the enemies of truth, the enemies of God.

So, this weekend, America should reject Shalom Auslander and the New York Times, not God. In fact, the faithful should double their efforts to develop the bold strength of those who wear the armor of God and resist the cultural push. Because if we repent of our errors, we can still take back this country.

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Reject The New York Times


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