Emmanuel Macron Calls on Europe to Build Its Own Air Defense Systems

On June 19, 2023, French President Emmanuel Macron urged European nations to pursue more autonomy on air defense systems, while also calling for Europe to end its reliance on the United States for defense matters. 

During a conference in Paris where defense ministers and other leading officials in 20 European countries gathered, Macron made the case for Europeans building their own air defense strategy.

The talks took place against the backdrop of the Russo-Ukrainian War and were centered on anti-drone combat and ballistic missile defense, French organizers said. Nuclear deterrence was also discussed.

“We need to know what the threat situation is … And then, what are we, Europeans, able to produce? And what do we then need to buy?” Macron stated.

Macron cautioned against immediately buying “what’s on the shelves.”

Macron advocated for European defense equipment manufacturers to construct independent military systems and shift production back to the Old Continent. On top of that,  Macron called for enhanced European standards.

“Why do we still need to buy American too often? Because Americans have standardized much more than we have, and they themselves have federal agencies that provide massive subsidies to their manufacturers,” he stated.

Europe should have more respect for itself. It should behave more like a sovereign political entity and not become a vassal to the globalist American Empire. If Europe wants to truly become an independent geopolitical empire, it needs to fully wean itself off of American military influence.

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