Empty Seats At NFL Stadiums on Veterans Day Weekend

NFL, Facebook

The National Football League experienced a flurry of empty seats at its Veterans Day weekend games. Amid national controversy over many players kneeling for the national anthem, in protest of perceived racial-justice ills, the NFL is facing backlash from patriotic Americans. In a show of relative patriotism, or perhaps as a consequence of free-market results, the NFL did not see any kneelers before this weekend’s games.

The league’s decline post-Colin Kaepernick is evident Sunday, with Twitter users delighting over the number of empty seats at stadiums around the country.

The New Orleans Saints exposed how many empty seats there were in a hype-up video tweet from before the game:


The Bears-Packers game wasn’t much better.

There were empty seats in Nashville, Tennessee.

There were empty seats in Tampa.


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