Encouraging Scenes From Australian Trucker Strike Show How the Working Class Can Stop COVID-19 Restrictions

The Australian trucker strike against COVID-19 tyranny is already having a profound effect on public life and showing the globalist enforcers that they still need the working class for society to function.

One video shows a barren grocery store with virtually no produce as a staffer explains that the shortages are caused by the lack of a supply caused by the trucker strike:

Another video shows a massive blockade of trucks on the highway that are apparently not sending their cargo to the regularly-scheduled destination:

A third video shows local news coverage on the movement of truckers, calling themselves “Truckies” and operating without union approval, who are effectively fomenting resistance with many of the common people on their side:

Big League Politics has reported on how the Australian COVID-19 regime has morphed into a nightmare with insane and backward restrictions being implemented on the confused, propagandized masses:

Recent news reports out of Australia indicate that the country has gone largely insane – with its government becoming a draconian surveillance state of the likes that has never before been seen.

A report out of Australia’s 9 news from a few days ago appears to be out of a dystopian fiction novel, with the news anchor and other guests using the media to publicly attack Australian citizens who are not complying with every government rule or mandate.

“It’s those doing the wrong thing driving our record case numbers,” began an anchor from Australia’s 9 News. “Among the most concerning cases, a COVID patient who’s tonight on the run from a hotspot. Police and health authorities have issued an urgent appeal.”

The anchor continued, exposing the citizen’s name for the entire world to see.

“Anthony Karam knows he’s COVID positive when he steps into this public lift, already breaking so many rules. He doesn’t bother to cover his mouth as he sneezes and splatters. The 27-year-old is still infectious but has gone missing from his Wentworth apartments.”

The segment then cut to Brad Hazzard, a prominent Australian health minister and politician.

“This 27-year-old chap who apparently has expressed the view that he doesn’t care less whether he spreads the virus is one example of the worst of the worst,” Hazzard angrily exclaimed in an efforts to shame Karam.

Stories from the report continued in a similar fashion, with the reporter saying “there’s little sympathy for anyone ignoring health orders” just before listing numerous other examples of draconian mandates in action including the handcuffing of a group of teenage friends meeting up to drink at the beach, a prominent Australian soccer player for lying to the police about why he had driven beyond the government’s accepted distance of “essential travel,” and construction workers being sent home without a paycheck because they did not properly follow government COVID protocols.”

This is the model that needs to be followed to stop the Orwellian nightmare from being normalized due to COVID-19 mass hysteria. The working people need to flex their muscle while there is still time with widespread civil disobedience. It may be the only thing that can save the tattered remains of Western Civilization at this point.

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