ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE: Associated Press Blames the ‘Brutal Colonial Past’ of France for ‘Inciting’ Muslim Terror

The Associated Press (AP) has proven yet again why the fake news media is the enemy of the people, essentially blaming France for the wave of Islamic terror that is sweeping the country.

The offensive, anti-Western tweet, which has since been deleted by the AP, can be seen here:

The AP was immediately roasted for their extremely offensive and callous tweet blaming the victims of Islamic terrorism in France for their own plight:

AP attempted to massage the language when they re-published a similar tweet to promote their article after deleting their initial tweet:

It wasn’t any more well-received that their first incendiary message:

The article itself is not much better than the offensive tweets, as the AP desperately tries to make excuses for Islamic terrorism. They actually have the nerve to claim that staunch globalist French President Emmanuel Macron is some kind of anti-Muslim hardliner.

They contend that “a law Macron plans to introduce to crack down on Islamist fundamentalists he contends are turning some communities against the state and threatening pillars of French society, including schools” is what is inciting the Muslims, who refuse to assimilate to the nation they are intent upon invading and overthrowing.

“The words the president uses have provoked outrage as well. He said the planned law was aimed at Islamist “separatism,” which raised fears of the further alienation of French Muslims,” the AP added.

Big League Politics has reported on the extreme bias and lack of integrity from the AP in the past, such as when they muted a rape victim’s truth to protect the Democrats:

The Associated Press admitted in a report on Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault against Joe Biden that it interviewed the former Senate staffer in 2019, only to decline publishing the interview.

The AP claims that it “declined to publish details of the 2019 interviews at the time because reporters were unable to corroborate her allegations, and aspects of her story contradicted other reporting.”

The news organization claims that the interview was later “deleted” in accordance with practices related to old material. However, notes from the interview reveal Reade’s account regarding to Biden engaging in behavior such as touching her shoulders and neck and playing with her hair.

It’s questionable that such an interview was thrown out on the basis of it supposed lack of corroboration, considering Reade did veritably work as a Senate staffer at the time. Some of Reade’s associates have since come forward to corroborate hearing of the claims at the time.

Reade’s allegation is unproven, and we can’t rush to accept anything as fact on the basis of it. The best possible option is to investigate evidence and witness accounts, and AP’s deletion of its interview seems to have disregarded the journalistic imperative to do exactly that.

The AP discussed a Senate report Reade had filed as a Senate staffer about Joe Biden’s conduct, and the news agency claimed the report she had filed didn’t include any reference of sexual harassment or assault. Reade herself denied the AP’s claim about the interview that had buried, stating that the report she filed referenced such conduct.

The AP is synonymous with mainstream news reporting, which is probably why the industry is dying a pathetic and humiliating death.

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