ENOUGH: Seattle Driver Shoots a Leftist After His Car is Mobbed by Black Lives Matter Rioters

A Seattle man who was mobbed by left-wing rioters as he attempted to drive through the city was forced to shoot a man who was attacking his car before leaving his vehicle and running to safety with gun in hand.

The video can be seen here:


The man has been arrested for refusing to allow the mob to destroy his car and rip him to shreds, in a glimpse of what law enforcement will look like after the “Black Lives Matter” mob takes ower.

The far-left Seattle City Council has stood with the looters and rioters throughout the sustained riots. They have frequently admonished police for not rolling over to the thugs in the streets. Law enforcement is mentioning that this response from city officials is putting police in grave danger.

“This situation is becoming more untenable by the day and I fear law and order and SPOG members’ safety are in peril,” wrote Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) President Mike Solan.

Seattle law enforcement has been forced to use pepper spray and flash bangs to combat the mob, which has been protesting for over 10 days now with no signs of slowing down. They will apparently take the streets until the police are destroyed and the mob reigns supreme.

“We really want to meet peace with peace,” said Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

However, that is not possible due to the nature of the riots and because the city is hamstringing police so they cannot subdue the mob. The city temporarily banned the use of tear gas last week, taking away a crowd control mechanism that is highly effective in breaking up violent displays.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said last Thursday that law enforcement officers “do not need to be using tear gas at protests as a crowd management tool.”

“We need more dialogue between officers and protesters,” Durkan said. “We need more communication on the front lines.”

“SPD has no department-wide policies on the use of tear gas. Police officers should not be deploying use of force tools for which they do not have policies and training. That is not how our system of police accountability works, nor should it,” the far-left Seattle Community Police Commission wrote last Friday, throwing officers under the bus while the mob is targeting them.

More individuals will be taking the law into their own hands like the Seattle man who shot his way from his car to safety, as police are crippled by cowardly politicians who are folding to the ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter terror movement.

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