Entire Nationals, Yankees Rosters Kneel Before National Anthem on Opening Day

Every single player on the rosters of the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals kneeled before the playing of the National Anthem on Thursday, elevating the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The players then went on to stand for the National Anthem, limiting their political protest to the moment before its recital. They had been holding a black cloth of sorts, signalling their allegiance with the Black Lives Matter movement.

It appears Major League Baseball is now infected with left-wing political protests and displays, joining the other major American sports league in incessantly displaying a political message to the fans.

The baseball season only began its regular season on Thursday, following a lengthy suspension of the season on account of the coronavirus pandemic. Games are going to be played without fans, ensuring no in-person viewers were on hand to view the political protest at the baseball game.

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