EPIC: President Trump Slams Jimmy Carter, The ‘Terrible President’

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President Donald Trump brushed off former Democrat president Jimmy Carter, who has been lobbing attacks at our current Republican commander in chief.

Carter oversaw the downfall of the Shah in Iran and the rise of the Islamic fundamentalist Ayatollah regime, which took American hostages. Carter was ousted in the 1980 election, losing to underdog conservative Ronald Reagan.

“He’s a nice man, he was a terrible president. He’s a Democrat and it’s a typical talking point,” Trump told reporters at the G20 summit regarding Carter’s assertion that Trump’s 2016 win was somehow not legitimate even though Robert Mueller found no Russian collusion whatsoever. Democrats are desperate to impeach Trump with no evidence of wrongdoing.

Trump, meanwhile, is enjoying a soaring economy — a stark contrast to Carter, whose presidency was marked by hyperinflation and a gas crisis — and has so far kept us out of major war. Trump also declared a national emergency to build the southern border wall as the Democrat-engineered migrant human trafficking crisis worsens on the U.S.-Mexico line.

Trump is using the G20 as an opportunity to resume trade negotiations with China.

Trump stressed that he is not going to raise tariffs against the Chinese while talks are in progress. Trump is fighting to reverse the decades-old trade imbalance between the two superpowers, because China has been grossly taking advantage of the United States for a very long time.

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