Epstein-esque Fashion Mogul’s Office Raided By Feds After Sex Trafficking Allegation

Last month, the FBI and NYPD raided the offices of fashion mogul Peter Nygard in Manhattan, taking away several boxes in what was widely speculated to be part of an investigation into accusations of sex trafficking by the multi-millionaire.

Nygard, who is being compared by many to Jeffrey Epstein, is being accused of a “decades-long sex-trafficking scheme” by 10 unnamed women in a federal lawsuit. The allegations are stomach-churning, including rape, sodomy, and perverted fetishes.

Like Epstein, Nygard apparently was known for throwing lavish parties on his Bahamian island mansion estate, where he would “pamper” women with alcohol and drugs. At least four of the women allege that they were sexually assaulted by Nygard when they were 14 or 15.

Also like Epstein, he has continued to face sexual misconduct charges and allegations of pedophilia for decades, but has never been prosecuted.

Nygard, whose worth is estimated at around $800 million, also boasts a list of famous friends, including George H. W. Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro, and famous Epstein associate, Prince Andrew, who once stayed on his estate.

The federal lawsuit claims that Nygard used several of his corporate entities for various services related to perpetrating the abuse, such as international air travel, and also alleges bribery of Bahamian police and government to cover up what he was doing.

Nygard and his spokesman have stated that he intends to cooperate, and attempted to lay the blame for the lawsuit on Louis Bacon, a billionaire hedge fund manager who is Nygard’s Bahamian neighbor and with whom he has had a long-standing and bitter personal conflict.

Shortly before the Manhattan raid, Nygard stepped down from his position at the company that bears his name. Recently, the Nygard Group of Companies has announced an intention to begin financial restructuring to avoid bankruptcy, as it faces the potential loss of top customers and lenders.

A Nygard spokesman also claimed that his offices in LA were similarly raided, but this was not confirmed by the feds. For now it remains to be seen whether guilt will be determined and another millionaire will face justice.

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