Epstein Madame Ghislane Maxwell Moved Off Of Suicide Watch in Brooklyn Jail

Accused sex trafficker and longtime Jeffrey Epstein ‘madame’ Ghislane Maxwell has been moved off of suicide watch in a Brooklyn jail, with federal authorities placing the high-profile detainee in the general population of MDC Brooklyn.

Maxwell’s legal team advocated for their client’s transfer, arguing that prolonged segregation in solitary confinement left the British heiress unable to properly prepare for her trial on six counts of sex trafficking. They maintain that Maxwell has never actually been suicidal, and that her placement in such detention is an entirely unnecessary precaution jailers have taken in light of her connections to Epstein.

Maxwell has purportedly been awoken every few hours in her cell for jail shakedowns, and made to wear protective clothing preventing her from harming herself. Her legal team is also requesting that she be permitted internet access to prepare for her defense, and that she be provided with the identity of two anonymous alleged Epstein victims who point to her as an integral element of his sex trafficking operation.

Federal authorities have reportedly taken extraordinary measures to preserve Maxwell’s safety, fearing a repeat of Jeffrey Epstein’s suspicious death in MDC Manhattan. The Department of Justice has even gone so far as to arrange for Maxwell to be transferred from cell to cell within segregation to avoid “assassins.”

Maxwell reportedly fears the same fate as Epstein, whom she believes was murdered, despite her legal team seeking to have her removed from isolation.

The safety of Maxwell, who potentially is privy to more details on Jeffrey Epstein’s global sex trafficking pedophile ring than any other person connected to the deceased billionaire, will be a pressing concern for the duration of her pre-trial confinement.

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