Epstein’s Jail Guards to Face Criminal Charges

Epstein Denied Bail

Two New York jail guards connected to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death in a Manhattan Jail are expected to be criminally charged for their forgery of prison records, according to reporting that surfaced Monday.

Prosecutors will allege that the guards falsified prison records hoping to avoid responsibility for Epstein’s unexpected death. When the politically connected financier in jail for sex trafficking died, two cameras were supposedly malfunctioning, and standard procedures for securing inmates weren’t followed.

The correctional officers haven’t yet been named. It’s very possible that New York prosecutors will seek to use them as patsies to deflect skepticism from the official narrative surrounding Epstein’s death.

The guards have apparently been offered a plea deal that they declined, setting the stage for legal proceedings that could shine light on Epstein’s death.

The authorities’ official story maintains the billionaire pedophile committed suicide in his own jail cell, hanging himself with bed sheets when jail guards weren’t looking. Epstein’s close personal connections to neoliberal political elites such as Bill Clinton and the UK’s Prince Andrew have lead to an abundance of alternative explanations, with a plurality of Americans doubting the jail’s version of events.

The guards’ version of events could prove to be the most insightful explanation of events the public has seen thus far in the matter. If they’re being fingered as patsies to provide the system two fall guys, they have no reason to be complicit in covering up any corrupt or malevolent events that might have surrounded Epstein’s death.

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