“Equality Road” and “Diversity Grove”: UK City Names Six Streets with Ridiculous Woke Terminology

The Birmingham City Council in England has recently decided to name six new streets with typically absurd “woke” terminology.

According to RT, the city of Birmingham is developing new infrastructure for the 2022 Commonwealth Games and building 5,000 new homes, meaning that new roads will need to be paved.

The Birmingham City Council asked locals to submit names for the first six roads, from which they chose the following: Equality Road, Inspire Avenue, Destiny Road, Respect Way, Diversity Grove, and Humanity Close. These names came from an entry submitted by a local woman, according to Labour Councillor Waseem Zaffar.

Naturally, reaction to these new street names has not been altogether positive:


Good people cannot sit back and let SJWs run roughshod over their nations and cultures like this. Wokeness is an abomination.

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