Eric Bolling Accosted Over Son’s Death at Trump Hotel

A Blaze TV host was accosted at Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. over the death of his son, who passed away from an accidental drug overdose.

“A guy who appeared to be talking on a cell phone walked by our table and turned towards us and said, ‘Eric Bolling’s son killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad,'” Bolling explained in a BlazeTV segment.

“It was a drive by hit on me using the most hateful words a human being could deliver to a grieving father,” he continued. “I got up and followed this hateful moron out of the hotel. I started taping and here’s what happened next.”

Bolling can be seen on video confronting the man – who hustled away from him, walking briskly across busy Pennsylvania Avenue, despite the traffic. The perpetrator did not want to own up to his cowardly actions. Bolling, surrounded by friends, showed great restraint. He can be heard asking, “Are you talking about my son?”

The man flashed a sadistic grin at Bolling while Bolling’s friends held him back.

“Yep, I used some bad words,” Bolling said. “Yes, I followed him, and yes, I shouted at him. But no, I do not apologize.”

Bolling chose to blur the face of the perpetrator in the video, knowing that the internet would track him down and serve him up some vigilante justice.

“I wouldn’t want to expose them to the type of hate they had just dumped on me,” he said.


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