Eric “Nuke Em'” Swalwell Doesn’t Want Armed Teachers Protecting Students

Anti-gun Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell condemns Florida’s attemps to make Teacher Carry legal.

In a tweet, Swalwell declared, “More guns is not the solution. Teachers with guns is not the solution.”

Instead, Swalwell believes that “The only solution to protecting our children is getting the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous people. Period.”

Swalwell previously caused uproar for his comments implying that the government would nuke gun owners in a potential Civil War stand off.

Florida, which saw an uprecedented move towards gun control in 2018, is now looking to reverse its gun control policies with this latest Teacher Carry bill.

Naturally, rabid gun controllers like Swalwell will be opposed to this bill.

Swalwell’s campaign is another demonstration of how anti-gun the Democratic Party has become.

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