Erick Erickson Sprints (For The First Time In Years) To Twitter To Defend Mitt Romney

Our favorite establishment conservative gatekeeper is back again.

Before the Senate acquitted Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment on February 5, 2020 conservative commentator Erick Erikson had to show off his obligatory defense of the political establishment.

This time he ended up defending the treacherous Senator Mitt Romney.

In a tweet, Erickson stated, “Mitt Romney is not trying to placate the media nor does he hate Trump. He’s doing what he thinks is right. I disagree with him. The people of Utah probably agree with him. He’s a good man of high character — frankly of better character than many of those who’ll assail him.”

Romney has been one of the leading Trump detractors in the Republican party and was the sole Republican who voted to convict Trump in the Senate. The Utah Senator has historically been a loyal foot solider for the GOP’s corporate agenda and played an integral role in pushing for global democratic crusading abroad.

Romney is the embodiment of establishment Republicanism, but for politically correct commentators such as Erickson that is not an issue.

After all, Erickson has a track record of defending Big Tech gatekeepers’ schemes to censor dissident voices such as Laura Loomer and Alex Jones.

Looking back, President Trump should have reconsidered his endorsement of Romney’s run for Utah’s Senate seat back in the 2018 elections.

In these days when the Left is smelling blood in the water, it is not time to moralize or wax poetic about civilized discourse.

The Right will need people that are willing to hit twice as hard as the Left in these times of increasing radicalization.

People like Erickson and Romney are deadweight at best, and complicit, in the worst of cases, when dealing with the growing radicalization of America’s managerial politics.

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