Erick Erickson, Who Celebrated Deplatforming of ‘Reactionary’ Conservatives, Gets Suspended From Twitter

Erik Erickson Twitter Ban

Erick Erickson, the Republican establishment blowhard and general loser who celebrated after Alex Jones was banned from social media, and called prominent conservatives including Jones, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Paul Joseph Watson “reactionaries” and not true conservatives, has now been suspended from Twitter for making fun of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Erickson, himself a loathsome creature of the establishment who tried desperately to ingratiate himself to the left wing big tech overlords, has been hit with a suspension for joking about Warren’s repeated lies regarding her ancestry.

The 43-year-old Red State founder joked that Warren was “set to introduce the Wrecking American Prosperity Under Marxism, or WAMPUM Act, wherein she gives everything away for free.”

This was apparently too controversial for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, his Saudi Arabian investors, and the other Twitter powers, and landed him with a timed suspension.

Erickson was allowed into his account to delete the offending tweet, and is now able to use his account but is not able to post or reply to tweets, retweet, like other tweets, or otherwise engage with users on the platform.

It appears he used this opportunity to delete his previous tweets bashing prominent conservatives who were banned or suspended from the platform.

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In addition to celebrating the mass deplatforming of Jones, Erickson previously derided Loomer, Yiannopoulos, Watson, and Jones in yet another deleted tweet, in which he informed Twitter users that the banned conservatives “weren’t actually conservatives. They were reactionaries.”

Apparently the middle aged conservative now realizes that celebrating his fellow conservatives being purged from social media did not earn him many allies on the right, and did not ingratiate him to the left.

These “reactionary” voices would likely have stood behind his First Amendment right to tweet mildly offensive jokes about Warren, had he not vocally and repeatedly laughed as they were systematically removed from everything big tech.

Erickson now finds himself in a dangerous place, precisely where Big League Politics and other media outlets politely warned him he would find himself.

Let this be a lesson to the establishment members of the Republican Party: If you are to the right of Joseph Stalin, the left wants you banned. No matter how vocal you are in your worship of the “private company” argument, or how often you repeatedly kiss the asses of Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, given the opportunity they would gleefully remove every conservative voice from their platforms.

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