ERROR OF THE WEEK: NBC Mixes Up General Grant and General Lee

NBC News stated that President Donald Trump called Robert E. Lee “incredible” but Trump was actually referring to Ulysses S. Grant. President Trump first pointed out this hilarious snafu, and NBC for the record was forced to issue a retraction.

Why does the mainstream media — much like Antifa — focus so heavily on Civil War imagery and Civil War-related controversies? Especially at a turning point moment in American history, when President Trump reports that people are coming together behind the economy?

NBC also made the week’s second most-egregious blonder, with MSNBC host Katy Tur getting the name of the Florida Republican candidate for governor Ron DeSantis wrong six times.

Katy Tur was equally error-prone.

Newsbusters reports:

While anchoring for a two-hour block on MSNBC Friday afternoon, host Katy Tur just couldn’t seem get Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis’s name right, repeatedly calling him “Rick.” Her confusion over the GOP Congressman’s moniker became so bad that even the college students at the University of South Florida campus she was broadcasting from had to correct her.

It started off mildly enough, with Tur referring to Rick DeSantis at around 2:30 p.m. ET, correcting herself a few moments later. She then proceeded to get the politician’s name wrong several more times over the next hour, getting increasingly frustrated that she couldn’t properly identify the contender for Florida governor. Tur eventually admitted defeat: “God, I will get it wrong this entire show.”…



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