ESPN’s New Morning “WokeCenter” a Complete Disaster

Monday was supposed to be a huge day for the network brass over at ESPN as they launched their new morning show, Get Up!, a multi-million dollar investment meant to stake the sports media company’s flag firmly in the world of the liberal media.

However, the ratings from Monday’s maiden episode of Get Up! were nothing to write home about.

They were absolutely atrocious.

According to, Get Up! was only able to garner roughly 283,000 total viewers despite debuting the morning after a Final Four weekend sports fans couldn’t stop talking about.

To put that in perspective, the Nickelodeon children’s show Peppa Pig garnered nearly three-times more viewers than ESPN’s newest flagship program.

Just a few weeks ago, word began to leak out that ESPN’s newest morning show wouldn’t be the most sports-centric show on the network, and would push the limits of “wokeness” ESPN viewers became accustomed to from the former SC6 edition of SportsCenter that has also recently been dubbed a failure.

As The Hollywood Reporter pointed out back on March 21st:

Still, “when players take a knee, then it deserves coverage and conversation,” notes Wolff, referring to NFL players’ national anthem protests. “If something political makes itself part of our world, we are dishonest and inauthentic if we don’t discuss it.”

Rose notes that he has “never been muzzled in any way” during his decade at ESPN, he says: “I appreciate the fact that I’m able to talk about more than what happened in last night’s NBA game. And I think fans appreciate that. When our president tweets about sports, now he’s fair game.”

Apparently, ESPN simply didn’t learn from the failed push towards the social justice warrior left by former network president John Skipper.

In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, ESPN was set to double-down on the idea of pushing more to the social justice warrior left with Get Up!, leasing 21,000-square-feet of studio and office space in Manhattan’s South Street Seaport and handing out roughly $15 MILLION worth of salaries to the show’s three hosts – $6.5 million for Mike Greenberg, $5 million for Michelle Beadle, and just $3 million for Jalen Rose.

Hilariously, the show’s first episode opened with the following “super hero trailer” designed to make light of the show’s “high expectations.”

ESPN is just the gift that keeps on giving.

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