Establishment Republicans are Making a Final Effort to Sink Eric Greitens’ Campaign 

Establishment members of the Missouri Republican Party are fearful of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens getting the Republican nomination during the Republican primaries set to take place on August 2, 2022.

Conventional wisdom among GOP insiders is that if Greitens comes out victorious on August 2, a safe Republican seat in the United States Senate could be in jeopardy.

The Hill reported that in the final days leading up to the August 2 primary an anti-Greitens Super PAC is flooding the waves with TV ads showcasing allegations against the former Missouri governor.

Big name Republican donors, such as Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, are dumping money into this campaign with the aim of capsizing Greitens’s election bid.  

Recently, a fake polling scandal has emerged in Missouri.

Greitens has been the target of the broader GOP establishment, especially the Mitch McConnell wing. They already dropped millions to keep Greitens from winning the Republican nomination for Missouri’s open Senate seat. 

A recent poll by Remington Research Group, which Breitbart News thoroughly exposed as flawed, initially painted a bleak picture for Greitens. 

However, several sources told Breitbart News that the poll was fraudulent and designed to discredit both Greitens and Donald Trump.

“This is a completely fake poll commissioned by the RINO establishment who are looking to move on from President Trump,” declared a seasoned GOP election advisor. “There is no way Missouri, a deep Trump state, would ever vote for someone like Ron DeSantis. President Trump is dominating the state and every other state in the country.”

“Something is off about these numbers, and you have to wonder why,” another consultant declared. “Perhaps it is because the only way Schmitt’s team can alter a poll to make it look like they are in the lead in Missouri’s Senate primary days from the election is by kneecapping Trump and boosting perceived potential rivals in a looming 2024 bid.”

According to this poll, Attorney General Eric Schmitt has a major lead over Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler and Greitens, the latter being in a distant third place. 

This race is ultimately a proxy war between Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and former President Donald Trump for who will shape the future of the Republican Party. A Greitens’ victory would signal that McConnell has waning influence within the Republican Party. 

Trump has yet to endorse Greitens. The primary election takes place on August 2. Should Trump make a last-minute endorsement and put Greitens over the top against his Republican rivals, Trump will further cement his kingmaker status within the GOP.

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