EU Shuts Down Borders to ALL Foreigners Before USA

The European Union is closing its external borders for 30 days in light of the advanced coronavirus epidemic in continental Europe, a sign of a severe situation for a globalist free trade political union known for its staunch commitment to open borders and the free movement of people.

European Union citizens can still travel between the nations of the political union, but some travel will be restricted for European citizens. All non-essential travel from outside is being prohibited for 30 days.

The plan was created by the European Commission, an unelected entity that sets policy for the union from its capital in Brussels.

The EU had previously protested when President Donald Trump banned all travel from Europe to the United States, stating that it had been imposed ‘unilaterally and without consultation.’

The move may ultimately come too late, following well behind similar travel bans enacted by the United States and even more globalist-friendly nations such as Canada. The World Health Organization has already designated Europe the global epicenter of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

Italy has been devastated more than any other country by the coronavirus epidemic, with the exception of its origin nation of China. Italian officials have spoken of a lack of assistance from other member states of the union in combating the spread of the disease, and have resorted to accepting medical assistance from China in fighting the epidemic.

The willingness of one of the world’s most committed globalist institutions to enact a wide-ranging travel ban could have implications for the future of the union’s open borders policy. Perhaps we’re looking at a tragic event that ultimately entails the end of the era of globalism.

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