Europe is Becoming Increasingly Dependent on the United States

According to a report by French newspaper Le Monde, Europe is growing increasingly dependent on the United States. By virtue of being members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), many European countries function as de facto vassals of the United States government. 

The French media outlet stated that when NATO members gathered at the military alliance’s annual summit in Vilnius, “Europeans will find themselves in a position of vassals, more dependent from the US than ever before.” Per the report, “the gap between the potentials of the two pillars of NATO is growing in all spheres, to Europe’s disadvantage.” 

Le Monde writers believe that Europe lags behind the US in all strategically critical spheres, such as in the defense, economic, technological sectors. This has been an ongoing trend since 1945. The gap has continued to widen “contrary to the declared aspirations to achieve greater European strategic autonomy” per the Le Monde report. 

The French newspaper that “Washington is playing a complicated game” by constantly “proclaiming their desire to see a more powerful European part of NATO, while, at the same time, their military industry enjoys unprecedentedly broad presence in Europe, suppressing rare joint European projects.”

Indeed, Europe has gotten fleeced by the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. In sanctioning Russia on the energy fronts and donating tons of weapons to Ukraine, Europe has in effect made itself more economically fragile and depleted its military stocks. In turn, the Old Continent has grown more dependent on the US on nearly all fronts. 

The result is an impoverished Europe that has become a de facto vassal state to the US. If Europe wants to become a truly free, sovereign civilizational entity, it must fully reject the US’s foreign policy prescriptions and chart a more realist, non-interventionist foreign policy.

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