European Union Attacks Hungary for No Longer Being A “Full Democracy” 

According to a report that the European Parliament published on September 15, 2022 can no longer be classified as a fully functioning democracy. Instead the report stated that Hungary should be considered as a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy.”

On September 15, European elected officials passed a non-binding resolution by a vote count of 433 to 123 which criticized Hungary for its failure to uphold democratic principles. Remix News noted that the resolution was passed after Hungary was able to attain an overwhelming victory in April during its parliamentary elections.

Hungary’s leader Víktor Orban has been one of the most outspoken national populist leaders on the world stage who has stood against mass migration and sexual deviancy — two of the West’s unholy sacraments. 

In a press release that was published after the vote, the European Parliament criticized the “deliberate and systematic efforts of the Hungarian government” to attack European demands and values.

In addition, the European Parliament proclaimed that the situation in Hungary has gotten so out of hand that it can only be described as an “electoral autocracy.” The European Parliament described the situation in Hungary as an example of “democratic backsliding” that could be traced to the leadership of Orbán. The European Parliament also blamed the European commission for its alleged refusal to fully intervene in Hungary‘s internal affairs.

Members of the European Parliament also called for the EU to continue withholding EU recovery funds from the Hungarian treasury “until the country complies with EU recommendations and court rulings.”

Furthermore, it claimed the situation in Hungary has deteriorated to such an extent that it can only now be considered an “electoral autocracy.”

It blames what it regards as a democratic “backslide” on both Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party and the European Commission. In the latter case, members of the European Parliament claimed that the EC has refused to intervene in Hungarian affairs.

The constant burning of Hungary in effigy dates back to 2018 when MEPS initially activated Article 7.

Article 7 is viewed as an option of last resort procedure that can result in the revocation of a member country’s voting rights. 

The only other EU country that has been subjected to Article 7 is Poland. Like Hungary, Poland has a national conservative government that opposes globalist measures such as immigration, sexual deviancy, and broader attempts to assault its sovereignty. 

Under Article 7, member states must vote unanimously to justify carrying out punishment against a potential violator.

In this case, MEPs cited Hungary’s constitutional and electoral system, judiciary independence, corruption, and media pluralism as reasons why Hungary can no longer be considered a full-blown democracy.

“Academic freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of association, the right to equal treatment, including LGBTIQ rights, the rights of minorities, as well as those of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, are also problematic,” the European Parliament press release outlined.

On top of Hungary being anti-globalist, BLP has reported on its relatively level-headed response to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. The combination of these factors will make Hungary the most hated of the European states.

If this author were a member of the Hungarian ruling class, I would do everything possible to have it exit the EU. 

It’s better off pursuing a multi-vector foreign policy where it plays the Collective West off of the emerging Eurasian axis. 

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