European Union Demands Big Brother Control Over Private Chat Rooms

(FILES) A file photo taken on April 24, 2009 shows the European Union flag and national flags in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France. The Nobel Peace Prize was on October 12, 2012 awarded to the European Union, an institution currently wracked by crisis but is credited with bringing more than a half century of peace to a continent ripped apart by World War II. AFP PHOTO / FREDERICK FLORIN

The European Union is ready to unveil a draft law on so-called “chat control,” which will enable Big Brother sanctions on private chat rooms in order to combat supposed hate speech.

The EU is expected to release their new proposed rules today, demanding AI checks on messages and images on users’ electronic devices. This is the next invasive step toward the technocratic Orwellian Nightmare being realized.

35 civil liberties organizations issued a letter demanding for the European Commission to drop their relentless push toward totalitarian control and the destruction of digital free speech.

“Tackling the online dissemination of child sexual abuse and exploitation material (CSAM) is an important part of the broader global fight to protect young people from sexual abuse and exploitation. In particular, this fight requires a comprehensive approach by governments and companies to prevent such egregious crimes before they happen,” the whistleblowing groups wrote in their letter. “In the context of the upcoming EU legislation to effectively tackle child abuse, we urge the Commission to ensure that people’s private communications do not become collateral damage of the forthcoming legislation.”

“People under attack depend on privacy-preserving technologies to communicate with journalists, to coordinate protection for their families, and to fight for their safety and rights,” they added. “Equally in peacetime, people’s ability to communicate without unjustified intrusion — whether online or offline — is vital for their rights and freedoms, as well as for the development of vibrant and secure communities, civil society and industry.”

Signatories of the letter include the German Bar Association, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and European Digital Rights.

Big League Politics has reported on the European Union imposing further censorship demands on social media companies last month:

The European Union (EU) has passed the Digital Services Act that will compel tech giants to commit even more Draconian censorship on their social media platforms or face fines and sanctions from bureaucratic overlords.

It should come as no surprise that the EU is using the Russia/Ukraine conflict as a pretense to implement Big Brother restrictions on content, as that has become an excuse for the globalists to commit all sorts of evil.

“In the context of the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the particular impact on the manipulation of online information, a new article has been added to the text introducing a crisis response mechanism,” the EU wrote about enforcement of the Digital Services Act.

“This mechanism will be activated by the Commission on the recommendation of the board of national Digital Services Coordinators. It will make it possible to analyze the impact of the activities of VLOPs and VLOSEs on the crisis in question and decide on proportionate and effective measures to be put in place for the respect of fundamental rights,” they added.”

The globalists are relentlessly on the march to destroy digital freedom of speech. They are living up to every dark prophecy made by supposed “conspiracy theorists” throughout the previous decades.

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