European Union Demands Greece Provide Asylum to Migrants Storming Turkish Border

Unelected bureaucrats of the European Union are demanding that Greece uphold asylum rights for the latest wave of migrants storming its border, weeks after the southern European nation suspended all asylum claims.

Thousands of itinerant migrants have been seeking to enter Greece in recent weeks after Turkey allowed the large migrant population it had been housing to pass through the country.

Ylva Johansson, the EU commissioner for home affairs and a Swedish national, is traveling to the country on Thursday to state a list of demands and mandates from Brussels for the nation. Johansson isn’t happy that Greece is refusing to provide a byzantine(no pun intended) legal process for so-called refugees storming the country.

Johansson claims Greece is treaty-obligated as a member of the union to permit migrants to apply for asylum.

Individuals in the European Union have the right to apply for asylum. This is in the treaty, this is in international law. This we can’t suspend.

It probably won’t go over well in the Mediterranean country that a foreign bureaucrat intends to lecture them on their response to the crisis of mass immigration flowing over the border from Turkey. Citizens of Greece largely expect the EU to assist them in dealing with the problem, namely in compelling Turkey to shut down the transit of migrants from the eastern parts of the country to its European border with Greece.

Greece is the latest country to question in policy the supposedly universal right to request asylum, a legal tactic often applied by illegal immigrants without a genuine case for refugee protections and utilized by human smugglers to facilitate illegal immigration in Europe and North America.

Thousands of migrants remain camped on Greece’s border with Turkey. Unfortunately for them, they can’t count on solidarity and assistance from the European Union in dealing with the problem, but rather a set of mandates and demands to let them in.

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