European Union Passes 10th Package of Anti-Russia Sanctions

On February 24, 2023, the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union approved a tenth round of sanctions against Russia for its bellicose behavior. 

“Together, the EU member states have imposed the most forceful and far-reaching sanctions ever to help Ukraine win the war,” the Swedish presidency declared on Twitter.

“The EU stands united with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We will keep supporting Ukraine, for as long as it takes.”

The package features stronger export restrictions with regards to dual-use goods in addition to imposing measures against entities that back the war, disseminate propaganda or deliver drones that Russia uses.

With two hours to go until midnight, EU member states made it across the finish line with little time to spare after Poland earlier threw a spanner into the works.

The EU stated that the 10th round of sanctions against Russia has the aim of making it harder for Russia to finance the war and deprive Russia of tech equipment and spare parts for its military campaign against Ukraine.

Other measures were designed to blacklist individuals who serve as Russian propagandists and individuals that Ukraine believes is responsible for deporting Ukrainian children to Russia and others actively involved in producing Iranian drones actively used in the battlefield in Ukraine.

In addition, the package had the aim of cutting off more banks, which includes Alfa-Bank, from the global system and slash trade between the EU and Russia by over 10 billions euros, per the Swedish presidency. 

Europe is clearly content with making itself becoming geoeconomically irrelevant as it has cut itself off cheap Russian oil and gas, while relying on more expensive American liquefied natural gas. However, the leadership of the EU, which is captured by neoconservative and neoliberal tropes, is clearly content with being a satrapy of the United States. As a result, they will continue pushing for economic and military campaigns against Russia, much to the region’s detriment and eventual descent into economic irrelevance.

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