Everything Fake News Won’t Tell You About Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (Part 1)

Beto ORourke Announces Presidential Bid

AUSTIN, TEXAS — In the wake of his failed bid for U.S. Senate, recently announced 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke confident about his chances, but one thing continues to haunt his political ambitions in every political contest he undertakes: his criminal record.

It began in 2012, when a congressional opponent dug up O’Rourke’s arrest record in Texas and ran a campaign ad in El Paso, knocking O’Rourke.

The “white Barack Obama” — a brand that even barometers of leftist orthodoxy reject, like The Washington Post and New York Times — was arrested in 1995 for breaking and entering, and attempted burglary.

O’Rourke downplayed the serious charge in a Washington Post interview, stating it was a “prank gone awry.”

O’Rourke was arrested again in 1998 for driving under the influence, fact the congressman acknowledged as “stupid,” stating that he regretted his decision.

Robert’s worldview appears to assume that any wrongdoing, any criminal act is second in importance to his belief that he is automatically “the right”

Other compromising video footage was also obtained showing the then-councilman of El Paso publicly intoxicated and dancing with women in a lewd fashion; it appears the congressman is then smacked around by the female while he lay on the floor — seemingly enjoying the activities.

The original video is gone from YouTube, but another video believed to be from the same night, and corroborates the original accounts. It is unknown what happened in between the two videos, nor what is also depicted in the now-deleted “spanking” video.

O’Rourke won the House race despite the evidence put forth, and was sworn into congress in 2013, but he lost his bid for U.S. Senate, and the standard for public conduct and respect for the rule of law are even more rigorous in the race to be the most powerful man in the world.

His criminal record hurt in the 2018 elections, and will likely resurface in the race for president in 2020.


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