“Everything They Touch Turns to Chaos”: Tucker Carlson Rips Biden Administration’s Handling of Afghanistan Withdrawal

Tucker Carlson blasted the Biden administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal in Monday night’s opening monologue on his hit Fox News show.

“Biden did the necessary thing in the ugliest possible way,” he said. The main takeaway from this debacle is that we are led by “buffoons” and “impostors” who have “no idea what they’re doing.”

“Everything they touch turns to chaos, not just there, but here,” he said. “These are the people who run the Amtrak station in Midtown Manhattan, the one that’s filled with drug addicts. They’re the people in charge of the power grid in the state of California. They have no useful skills. And yet somehow these same people assured us they were going to turn Stone Age Afghanistan into modern Belgium. Remembering it now is bitter and hilarious.”

Tucker added that US leaders are running out of ways to criticize the Taliban because of their very stances and actions at home.

“Is the Biden administration really going to attack the new government of Afghanistan for forcing women to cover their faces? Are American diplomats actually going to lecture Taliban leaders about toppling statues? Probably not going to happen. That’s how much credibility our leaders have lost, how much moral authority they have squandered in the past twenty years.”

And those are the zingers that appear in just the first two minutes. Watch the entire twelve-minute monologue below. He also discusses the Pentagon’s response, the wasted money spent on globalist social engineering, and the calls to take in Afghan refugees.

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