EVIL: American Academy of Pediatrics Wants To Force Masks On Children Over Age Of 2

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated its guidance for the upcoming school year on Monday, now recommending that anyone above the age of 2 wear masks inside schools to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, “regardless of vaccination status.” 

The decision comes from fear of the much less deadly COVID-19 Delta variant, which has recently been spreading in the United States.

“We need to prioritize getting children back into schools alongside their friends and their teachers — and we all play a role in making sure it happens safely,” Sonja O’Leary, the chair of the AAP Council on School Health, said in a statement.

In the same statement, O’Leary correctly pointed out that “the pandemic has taken a heartbreaking toll on children, and it’s not just their education that has suffered but their mental, emotional and physical health.”

With no hint of irony, O’Leary then advocated for forced inoculations and continued masking of children in schools, saying “combining layers of protection that include vaccinations, masking and clean hands hygiene will make in-person learning safe and possible for everyone.”

The AAP said it recommended universal masking “because a significant portion of the student population is not yet eligible for vaccines, and masking is proven to reduce transmission of the virus and to protect those who are not vaccinated.” 

“Many schools will not have a system to monitor vaccine status of students, teachers and staff, and some communities overall have low vaccination uptake where the virus may be circulating more prominently,” it added. 

Various studies (and not to mention just plain common sense) have demonstrated that forced masking harms both the physical and mental health of children. Research has also shown that children are less likely to catch and spread COVID-19, and a group of Florida parents even cultured their children’s masks and found dangerous bacteria.

Speaking of Florida, remember how the media fear mongered about their lack of lockdown for over a year? All while praising New York’s draconian measures, even though the state was top two for deadliest outcomes per capita in the entire country. Florida meanwhile consistently sat at right about average, despite being as dense as New York while maintaining a much larger elderly population.

Let’s not forget that science, common sense, and human nature alike clearly demonstrate that masks do not work in the real world.

But none of that matters to AAP. After all, they’re just “following the science!”

Call it a hunch, but maybe these institutions aren’t actually motivated by ‘science’ at all as they often self-righteously claim. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the American Academy of Pediatric’s #1 sponsor is Pfizer. Maybe that explains why they want to force masks on all children until they are coerced into receiving a COVID-19 jab!

The cult of COVID-19 fearmongering and authoritarianism is just that – an extremist religious sect that claims the mantel of truth despite ignoring clear realities, all while severely punishing those who dissent.

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