EVIL: Doctor Reportedly Leaves 6-Month-Old Baby To Die Over Vaccine Status

Early on Friday morning, Robby Starbuck, a Tennessee write-in challenger running in his district’s Republican primary this summer, released a shocking tweet reporting that a 6-month-old baby named August is being refused critical medical care by Vanderbilt University Medical Center cardiologist Dr. David Bearl. According to his report, the mother of the infant child stated that Dr. Bearl is denying life-saving treatment because the baby has not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

One of the pictures of young baby August attached to Starbuck’s post has text explaining his situation. The text reads: “Baby August is 6 months old and his heart is failing. Everyone agrees he needs a transplant but Dr. David Bearl demanded that the parents fully vaccinate August …”

Dr. Bearl reportedly said, “I am mandating” that the baby be vaccinated, signaling that the doctor would essentially let August die if he was not given the vaccine.

This is a particularly egregious and tragic example that illustrates the weaponization of America’s institutions against its citizens by vindictive “experts” using their authority and position to control and bully Americans.


The mother of the young baby reportedly stated that the Vanderbilt cardiology team, as a whole, had “been great to them.” She places blame for the soulless decision squarely on Dr. Bearl, who even now is actively participating in an innocent child’s death, ignoring his duties as a doctor at a hospital.

The reported ultimatum by Dr. Bearl of Vanderbilt Health shows just how bad things have gotten in our society, having reached a point where the lives of innocent babies are being risked by health professionals with punitive intent and zero medical justification.

Baby August is in urgent need of a medical procedure to save his life, but this “doctor” is demanding a vaccine be administered that does not even take immediate effect. Moreover, the doctor has obviously been vaccinated, and is thus 110% immune to COVID-19.

Starbuck is amplifying calls for Americans to let Vanderbilt Health know directly how they feel about this evil decision, posting one image that reads, “Voice your concern by respectfully calling Vanderbilt Medical Center … A baby’s life is on the line so please, be respectful and let them know that not saving baby August’s life violates the core of what doctors are supposed to do and that you won’t use Vanderbilt if they treat parents like this.”

The refusal of care in such a serious situation for such trivial reasons is an injustice that Americans of all political persuasions should be outraged about. 

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