EVIL: Portland ANTIFA Burns Bibles, American Flag Outside of Hatfield Courthouse

ANTIFA rioters have been documented burning Bibles and the American flag in the vicinity of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse and the Portland Justice Center(the local jail,) highlighting the militancy of the reduced yet ongoing riots in the left-wing city.

Journalist Andy Ngo shared video of left-wing fanatics burning Bibles in the presence of a protest on Friday night.

Corporate media have consistently sought to rebrand the violent and anarchist riots as a color revolution, highlighting dubious elements that made unverified claims of being mothers and veterans of the armed forces. However, some of the most hardcore courthouse rioters have consistently rejected liberal attempts to co-opt the anarchist riots, including expressing their hatred for those who have brought American flags to the nightly riot.

Friday night may have been the first instance in which Bibles were burned, but the rioters have consistently burned American flags since the courthouse riots began more than two months ago. A recent display featured the burning, dismembered head of a pig mounted on a torched American flag.

Burning the Bible is quite the plain act of ignorance, and a lazily calculated and childish gesture directed towards the 2.4 billion people across the world who identify as Christian.

There is no word on active attempts on the part of Portland rioters to instigate the city’s secession from the United States, despite the rioters’ visible disdain for the nation and its imagery.

These are some very sick people, folks.

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