Ex-Boxer Jessie Vargas Running for U.S. Congress as a Republican Supported Illegal Immigrants, Wished Violence on Trump

Former boxing world champion Jessie Vargas is running for U.S. Representative in the state of Nevada as a Republican, and he is attempting to appeal to America First voters for his run in the 4th Congressional District.

“The Democratic Party left me,” the 32-year-old former pugilist said. “That’s when I made the decision to run as a conservative. I mean, it’s quite clear. I’m pro-life. I’m pro-guns. I’m all for family values and for having strong law enforcement.”

Vargas is attempting to tap into President Donald Trump’s populist appeal by stating he is “not a politician” and claiming “Washington’s liberal policies are making it harder for everyone” to achieve the American dream. He has also adopted popular rhetoric against critical race theory and in favor of closing the border.

However, Vargas had radical far-left viewpoints when Donald Trump was running for president, according to public posts made on Facebook that were still up as this report was published.

In one Facebook post, Vargas shared a video of CNN host Jorge Ramos criticizing Trump’s immigration plan while objecting to the term “illegal” immigrants.

Vargas also shared a video of former President Barack Hussein Obama claiming that Trump was “unfit” to be president.

In another post, Vargas claimed Trump supporters were racist for being concerned about Islamic radicals and liked a follow-up comment stating that “Trump makes me sick.”

Vargas also shared a video of former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claiming there were “not enough uneducated, white men for Trump in Nevada” and then endorsed a post calling for Trump to “hit the canvas” in what appeared to be a veiled threat of violence against the President.

In another post, Vargas shared a video of dead gangbanger Tupac Shakur giving a low IQ rant about how Trump is evil because of his capitalistic achievements:

It seems that Vargas is another pretender who is grifting off of the America First GOP that President Trump has created. Authentic populists, conservatives and MAGA supporters would be wise to steer clear of Vargas in Nevada’s 4th U.S. Congressional district.

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