EX CIA Spooks Were Actively Promoting Censorship Efforts at Facebook

The release of the Twitter Files showed the entire American public how deeply in bed the FBI was with the social media giant. These posts demonstrated how the FBI worked with Twitter leadership to censor stories, posts, and even users for putting out content that went against the regime’s narrative.

In the last several months, the FBI has been under the public microscope, especially after the Mar-A-Lago raid it conducted against former President Donald Trump. With new reports indicating that the FBI was pressuring Twitter to promote its censorship agenda, the public’s trust in this institution has plummeted significantly. 

However, Twitter is not alone when it comes to being penetrated by the US intelligence community. For example, Alan MacLeod, Mint Press News’ senior staff writer, has published articles exposing an alarming number of ex-intelligence operatives working at Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. 

Bob Hoge of Red State made it a point to highlight one of MacLeod’s previous articles (Meet The Ex-Cia Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy) where he highlighted how ex-CIA agents were crafting Facebook’s content policy.

In this specific article, MacLeod laid out how embedded ex-CIA operatives were in the social media ecosystem:

MintPress has found that Facebook has recruited dozens of individuals from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as many more from other agencies like the FBI and Department of Defense (DoD). These hires are primarily in highly politically sensitive sectors such as trust, security and content moderation, to the point where some might feel it becomes difficult to see where the U.S. national security state ends and Facebook begins. 

MaCleod has previously mentioned how NATO officials have staffed TikTok, how former FBI agents are crawling around Twitter, and how Reddit features a former war planner for the Atlantic Council as one of its prominent executives. 

Hoge noted that the DailyMail published an article on December 22, 2022 detailing the number of Meta (Facebook’s parent company) who previously worked for the CIA :

  • Aaron Berman left his job as a senior analytic manager at the CIA in July 2019 to become a senior policy manager for misinformation at Meta.
  • Deborah Berman spent a decade working as a data intelligence analyst at the CIA before she was brought on as Meta’s trust and safety manager.
  • Kris Rose has held a number of positions in the intelligence community before he joined Meta’s Oversight Board in March 2020.
  • Bryan Weisbard: Former CIA intelligence officer now employed as director of trust, safety, security and data privacy.
  • Scott Stern: CIA targeting officer now working as senior manager of risk intelligence.
  • Mike Torrey left his position as a senior analyst at the CIA in September 2018 to become the security engineer investigator for threat analysis.

Indeed, the Twitter Files have shattered the illusion that American intelligence agencies are “objective”, non-political entities. They’re very much beholden to a particular managerial agenda that seeks to stamp out any meaningful form of anti-Deep State dissent. 

Moreover, the rise in prominence of intelligence agencies are another sign that the American Republic is very much on the ropes. Unaccountable bureaucracies are completely antithetical to what the Founding Generation stood for and represent an existential threat to the civil liberties of all Americans.

One of the critical agenda items for the nationalist Right is to greatly weaken these entities and ultimately abolish them. America will descend into managerial tyranny if the American intelligence community is not defanged. No questions asked.

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