Ex-French Intelligence Chief Admits ‘All Multicultural Societies are Doomed’ as Crucial Presidential Election Looms

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Pierre Brochand, an ex-French intelligence chief, is warning France and all European countries to take a radical departure from their policies because “all multicultural societies are doomed.”

Brochand, who worked as French Directorate-General for External Security director from 2002 to 2008, spoke candidly during a recent interview with French newspaper Le Figaro.

“All ‘multicultural’ societies are doomed to more or less deep rifts,” Brochand stated, also adding that, “in such a situation, it happens that minorities are violent winners, and majorities placid losers.”

He also claimed that it is “increasingly difficult to prevent the French from seeing what they see,” which has led to the rise of populist political alternatives to globalism rising within the country.

Brochand said that “a breakthrough personality has suddenly appeared in the formulaic world of politics that has encouraged them to open their eyes,” perhaps referring to French Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, and that if globalist puppet Emmanuel Macron wins re-election, civil war could break out.

“This gradual upheaval of the French population, if not the only challenge we face, is the only one that directly threatens civil peace on our territory,” said Brochand, adding that a “spirit of post-colonial revenge” has developed among Muslim third-world invaders and their left-wing enablers.

Brochand is not optimistic about the future prospects for the French people.

“All my accumulated experiences make me foresee a dark, and even very dark, future for our children and grandchildren. At best, they are heading toward an unsuspected collapse of their quality of life (an implosion); at worst, we are leading them to terrible confrontations (an explosion). Most likely, there will be a combination of the two amid growing confusion,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported on the “Great Replacement” becoming the undeniable reality for Frenchmen who are facing an ethnic cleansing of sorts due to an evil plot by foreign elites:

A new poll has shown that more than six in 10 Frenchmen realize that the “great replacement” is underway to destroy their nation through demographics.

The survey demonstrated that 61 percent of French people believe that “European, white and Christian populations [are] threatened with extinction following Muslim immigration, from the Maghreb and black Africa.” Additionally, 67 percent of the French are “worried” about this occurring.

This is bad news for the globalists and good news for populist upstarts in the country. They are using these results to show the demand for new political leadership in France that will stand up to the third-world migrant invasion.

National Rally member of parliament Jean-Lin Lacapelle said: “The ‘Great Replacement’ is a fantasy for a large part of the political class, but a reality and a concern for a large majority of French people. […] Act or disappear!”

An additional member of parliament from the National Rally, Nicolas Bay, wrote on Twitter that “the ‘Great Replacement’ is a reality experienced and suffered by many French people, and a legitimate concern for the majority of them.”

… The awareness is building in France, and they have a shot at reversing the agenda being inflicted on their country by the globalists.

It is time for the free people of the West to take their stand against the agenda that is being perpetrated against their nations, their families, their dignity, and their way of life. France may light the powder keg in the existential battle to defeat globalism.


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