Ex-Trans Whistleblower: Exposure to Drag Queens at Young Age Caused Gender Confusion and Ruined My Life

A whistleblower against the LGBT agenda, 60-year-old Peter Benjamin, claims he has suffered a lifetime of alcoholism and gender confusion, which began after being exposed to drag queens at a young age.

Benjamin explained to Christian Concern that his problems “began as a 10-year-old boy, when he was taken to a drag queen show at a cabaret club while on holiday with his family.”

He has struggled with gender dysphoria his entire life, which helped cause the disintegration of his first marriage. His second wife encouraged his bizarre behavior, even helping him buy women’s clothes at one point. He credits his third wife with helping him getting his life back together, but after she died of cancer in 2011, his life spiraled out of control once again.

At that point, Benjamin began to call himself “Victoria” and became committed to going through the full genital mutilation process. He started finding other mentally ill people on the internet to reinforce his delusions and taking drugs to reject his natural biological state. He was eventually referred to a psychiatrist at the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust who further fostered his destructive behavior.

He was given estrogen tablets and decapytyle injections, which resulted in a painful shrinking of his testicles and a substantial decrease in his testosterone levels, causing severe muscular atrophy. The British government ended up subsidizing Benjamin’s transition, paying roughly $10,000 to have his mutilation surgery fast-tracked at a private clinic in London.

In 2015, he had the labiaplasty operation that removed his male genitalia. It is now a decision he deeply regrets.

“I never thought cross-dressing would lead me to having an operation to become a woman. I had addictions, I was drinking heavily, and I was having suicidal thoughts, but at every appointment, whether with the NHS, privately, or at transgender support groups, I was encouraged to carry on the path to gender reassignment surgery,” Benjamin told Christian Concern.

“There was no caution or restraint, I was simply told, for example: ‘Yes, you are definitely transgender, I’m prescribing you hormones.’ It cost the NHS and myself thousands of pounds for me to go through this process,” he added.

He soon realized that the transition only worsened his mental problems, and his alcoholism picked up. When he hit rock bottom, he turned to a local church community for help and converted to Christianity in April 19, 2019, or “Good Friday.” Benjamin threw out his female clothing and went back to living as a man on this date of tremendous Biblical significance.

“When I was a woman, I wasn’t free,” he said. “Now I can just come out and be me. I’ve got God, I’ve got freedom and I am happy.”

Benjamin is worried that LGBT educational mandates and widespread propaganda are going to ruin thousands of lives, as children in Britain and across the West are being led to believe that this is an acceptable lifestyle choice.

“Today when I see and hear of books being read to children in schools such as ‘10,000 Dresses’,” Benjamin said. “I see the same influence that led me to this harmful addiction. More must be done to protect our children, not to encourage them to pursue the same destructive path that I have had. Children are impressionable, the government can’t see what harm they are doing, and I appeal to them and the Department for Education to halt this influence in schools now.”

“Parents are now openly allowing their children to be exposed to the transgender agenda as they think if they don’t allow it, their children will be depressed or become mentally ill. It’s not true. When I was 5 or 6, I had no thought of becoming a girl. It wasn’t until I was exposed to men in dresses at cabaret shows that my mind went that way. My message from my experience is that the transgender life, even surgery itself, did not solve my problem and led me to misery, suicidal thoughts and depression,” he added.

There is a movement building in Britain of ex-trans individuals warning young people about the dangers of this perverse and unnatural lifestyle. These types of movements cannot spring up fast enough, as it becomes more clear that LGBT advocates are after the souls of the children.

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