EXCLUSIVE: Angel Dad Steve Ronnebeck Calls Out ‘Little Marco,’ Has Some Advice For Mitch McConnell

Angel father Steve Ronnebeck was present at President Donald Trump’s veto ceremony in the Oval Office Friday, where Trump re-affirmed his national emergency declaration to build a wall on the southern border.

Ronnebeck’s 21-year old son Grant Ronnebeck was shot and killed in 2015 by an illegal immigrant demanding a pack of cigarettes from Grant, who was working as an overnight store clerk. Ronnebeck’s activism includes being an advisory board member of www.WeBuildTheWall.us, which is backed by Steve Bannon and others including DHS chief candidate Kris Kobach. The group wants to build as much wall as possible on private land in the immediate border region.

“It was just an incredible experience,” Ronnebeck told Big League Politics after exiting the Oval Office. “We had 12 Republican senators that turned out to be traitors and betrayed Angel families and betrayed the country by voting for the resolution to end the national emergency. It IS a national emergency.”

“They betrayed the president, they betrayed us as Angel families, they betrayed the American people,” Ronnebeck said. “The drugs alone are killing 70,000 people a year in our country.”

“Mitch McConnell? He needs to get some solidarity in the Republican Party or we’re going to keep fighting this fight forever,” Ronnebeck said, referring to the GOP senators who helped to pass the bill trying to block the Wall.

Ronnebeck pointed to Pat Toomey, “Little Marco” Rubio, Rand Paul and others who cast their votes against the Wall.

“There’s not going to be 2/3, we have enough Republicans who want to see this wall happen. We’ve been talking about this for decades,” Ronnebeck said, and pointed to his fellow angel families and the dear lives they lost.

“These are average everyday hardworking American people. American citizens. Their deaths were preventable,” Ronnebeck said.

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