EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Sheriff Lombardo Posters Cover The Vegas Strip

Posters condemning Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo are covering the Vegas Strip Monday morning.

It is unclear who is responsible for this anonymous work, but it might have been journalist Laura Loomer, who could have coordinated the move with street artists and activists in the area. Retired police lieutenant Tim Bedwell and others are challenging Lombardo in an attempt to knock him out of office, which could lead to a thorough and non-politicized investigation of the Mandalay Bay shooting.

Sheriff Lombardo is up for re-election Tuesday, amid withering criticism for his handling of the Mandalay Bay massacre. His office has still not officially acknowledged the existence of multiple shooters and an ISIS connection despite mounting clear-cut evidence. The FBI has investigated the ISIS angle but so far only Stephen Paddock has been blamed for the killings.

Here are some photos showing the citizen journalists’ work:

Big League Politics’ Peter D’Abrosca reported Monday:

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