EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Trump Hillsdale Prof. Colluded with Neocon Operative to Target ‘America First’ Students

Sources have come forward to expose a GOP establishment effort at Hillsdale College to profile and target pro-Trump “America First” students based on a guilt-by-association smear.

According to whistleblowers that have come forth to Big League Politics, National Review author and Hillsdale journalism director John J. Miller ordered the hit to an underling, former Hillsdale student Alex Nester, back in Nov. 2019. This when the establishment was desperately attempting to suppress “America First” forces as personalities like Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire were being bombarded with tough questions at public events.

Nester is an intern at the neocon-led Washington Free Beacon who formerly worked as the opinions editor at Hillsdale’s school newspaper, The Collegian. She is set to begin a fellowship at The Public Interest, which was founded to honor the Godfather of neoconservatism, Irving Kristol. Irving’s son, Bill, is now funded by Democrat oligarchs to stop President Trump’s re-election.

Sources have indicated that Nester investigated the activity of conservative students at the behest of Miller, an avowed Never Trumper who doggedly opposed the president’s rise to the top of the Republican Party, like many employed by the National Review.

Nester was investigating students following an unsubstantiated report that paleoconservative video blogger Nicholas Fuentes had been on campus. According to a source, Nester questioned two students about Fuentes allegedly being invited to Hillsdale in order to gather intelligence. These individuals were targeted because they had expressed opinions publicly that went outside the bounds of standard GOP establishment dogma. After she found no evidence that Fuentes ever came to the campus, Nester wrote a screed opposing Fuentes in the school paper instead.

“Rather than buying into the demographic determinism of Fuentes, Conservatives should embrace the optimism of Reagan,” she wrote.

“Fuentes may call himself a Conservative, but he’s not. Conservatism is grounded the laws of nature and nature’s God. Only within this framework can people accept the rights and responsibilities of citizens within a polity, including the establishment and defense a government that protects the rights and freedoms of individuals to think and speak for themselves,” Nester added.

The whistleblowers who came forward with this information have requested not to be named due to potential retribution from the gatekeepers propped up by big money to control Republican politics. These hostile actors have frequently resorted to leftist-style attacks such as doxxing to enforce blind conformity with the globalist agenda.

Big League Politics reported on last year’s attempted purge of right-wing firebrand and conservative hero Michelle Malkin because of her embrace of the “America First” movement:

Right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin is being targeted by Conservative Inc. – the billionaire-funded operative class that keeps the conservative movement from actually conserving anything – for cancellation with similar tactics and rhetoric that are regularly deployed by the far left.

Malkin drew the ire of Conservative Inc. after she gave a defiant speech last week where she applauded “America First” patriots who were challenging speakers such as Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Never Trump cheerleader Ben Shapiro, and neoconservative Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX)…

Malkin gave the speech to the UCLA chapter of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), which released a statement afterward that looks as if it was written by a staffer with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)…

YAF’s denunciation of Malkin comes while other Conservative Inc. operatives throw her under the bus. It is clear that the paymasters in charge have sent the order that it is time to lead a politically-correct witch hunt against Malkin, in a shameful example of right-wing cancel culture in action…

While the “America First” patriots asking pointed questions at campus events can certainly be incendiary and offensive at times, they have made quite a substantial impact in a short period of time.

The ramifications of their grassroots agitation against Conservative Inc. are just starting being seen, as phony conservatives are forced to adopt ANTIFA-style tactics to ward the insurgents off. This is only the beginning, as the “America First” patriots vow much more of the same in the months and years to come.

Nester was contacted by Big League Politics but wished not to have a public comment included in the story. Miller has yet to respond to a comment request.

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