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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Stephen Paddock’s Three Female Room Guests Partially IDed; LVMPD Tries to Disguise Radio Traffic



In the recent weeks of the document releases for the October 1 Las Vegas Shooting investigation, I exclusively reported that revealed Stephen Paddock had three additional guests registered to his room at the Mandalay Bay when he allegedly committed mass murder from the 32nd floor of his suite, murdering 58, and leaving more than 800 injured as they fled the concert venue and rapid gunfire.

The report showed the entry in the dispatch log released by LVMPD that three females were registered to Paddock’s rooms. The names of the females were redacted in the dispatch log report. The most recent document release from the LVMPD this week provides more insight on who these guests were.

On Tuesday, July 3rd, the LVMPD scheduled document issue consisted of 3 body camera videos and 34 audio files. When first listening to the audio, you would assume that it is 911 call recordings, as it is chronicled with a constant time and date stamp interruption that matches the time and date stamp logs from all 911 audio recently released. It is also recorded in a call list of 39 recordings.

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However, both this audio and the files from the previous week’s release are recorded radio traffic with the 911 dispatcher’s time and date stamp interrupting the broadcast continuously. This week’s release included over 19 hours total of radio traffic with the continuous recording of the time and date stamp occurring on average approximately every 10 seconds or so.

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This constant interruption proves to be a challenge while trying to listen to this radio traffic, and it is not plausible that this would be how it would be logged or recorded internally with the LVMPD, or with the contracted service that hosts the audio files.

Despite the challenges presented in sorting through this audio, I was able to identify the radio traffic that matches with the dispatch log showing the three female guests whose names were redacted on the dispatch logs.

The following excerpt can be heard with a time/date stamp of October 1 at 23:00:57 hours:

[bc_video video_id=”5806279711001″ account_id=”5766826440001″ player_id=”default” embed=”in-page” padding_top=”56%” autoplay=”” min_width=”0px” max_width=”640px” width=”100%” height=”100%”]


“I’ve got a couple units up in the control room, and they’re briefing on the 32nd floor, room 135. Possible suspect, ID, gonna be last name Easy-Adam-David-David-Ocean-Charlie-King, first name Stephen with a PH. That is who the room is registered to, Break.”

(23:01:20) “There is also three females that are registered to that room. First Name, Joanne, J-o-a-n-n-e, last name REDACTED, 2nd subject, Laura, last name, REDACTED, 3rd subject Katie”

(23:01:49) “Katie, last name, REDACTED, checked in on 25 September, scheduled to check out on October 2nd.”

It does appear in this broadcast that the last name of Paddock was misrepresented based on the phonetic alphabet usage of the letter “E” in place of a “P.” All other information seems to line up with what was reported to be found in the room registration prior to the breach of room 135.

The additional confirmation of these female guests in Paddock’s room not only still leaves many questions unanswered; it brings forth even more questions and greater speculation on the investigation.

Prior to these names being released, it was left a mystery as to who these additional people may be. The LVMPD nor the FBI has given any indication that there are persons of interest being investigated, in particular, any additional parties that were registered to the rooms.

There are no witness reports provided thus far that show evidence of interviews with these three identified females, or any supporting evidence at all that they were even investigated or detained.

There was absolutely zero mention of the additional three female guests in the FIT investigation report that was released by the LVMPD in January.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo has empathetically stated that he nor anyone in his department will be providing any interviews or answering any additional questions regarding the Las Vegas Shooting investigation, despite appearing in a “Town Hall” meeting that recently aired June 26th on the local Las Vegas news channel 3 KNSV NBC affiliate. This was promoted as a Town Hall live event, although it was recorded earlier that day and no additional media or public were permitted inside.

During this two-on-one interview hosted by Channel 3 in Las Vegas, Lombardo did reference Marilou Danley, stating there are still some outstanding questions regarding her actions. However, he did not elaborate what those questions were, or if they could possibly lead to any charges. There was no mention of any additional parties that were under investigation at all, and still no mention of any other females registered to Stephen Paddock’s rooms.

Given the events of that night, the number of weapons and ammunition found in the room, and the ongoing evidence that does support there were others involved in this massacre, the public has a right to know what actions have been taken to identify these females and if they have been investigated.

Who are Joanne, Laura, and Katie? How did they know Paddock? Are they relatives? Where were they during and after the shooting? What were their actions leading up to the night of the shooting? Why were they not disclosed in the LVMPD FIT investigation report? Why does Lombardo and the FBI seem to be hiding this information by omission?

Along with the burning questions about these females, the release of this audio should be under serious scrutiny. What was the purpose of releasing as 911 audio? Was it by design? Was the release with the constant interruption a deterrent so most would give up on listening? Will the courts hold them accountable for quality document releases to the public?

Despite the difficulty in deciphering this audio, analyzing the bodycam footage, read through all previously released witness reports and dispatch logs, Big League Politics will continue to provide detailed updates for the public and ensure the information is provided with full disclosure on what transpired the night of the Las Vegas shooting.




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Daughter of Man Involved in Fatal 1972 Biden Car Crash Accuses Joe Biden of Falsely Accusing Dad of Driving Drunk

She says he wasn’t a drunk driver. And he was never charged.



The daughter of a man who was involved in a 1972 car crash that resulted in the deaths of Joe Biden’s then-wife, Neilia, and the couple’s one-year old daughter, Naomi, is accusing Joe Biden of falsely blaming her father for the tragic incident.

Deborah Criddle, the daughter of Curtis Dunn, is calling on Joe Biden to “set the record straight” on several claims he’s made in previous years, in which Biden suggested Curtis Dunn was intoxicated or an alcoholic when speaking about the crash. Dunn was never charged or convicted of any traffic or DUI violations stemming from the incident.

Criddle brought up Biden’s accusations towards Dunn in remarks provided to The Sun newspaper on Wednesday.

Criddle says that she became motivated to speak out on Biden’s claims after he repeatedly called Donald Trump a liar during the first presidential debate. She calls such a description as the “pot calling the kettle black,” and that “Biden has got a lot of nerve calling Trump a liar.

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(Deborah Criddle)

Criddle has spoken out before, in 2008, when Biden made the latest of several inferences suggesting Curtis Dunn was drunk during the crash.

A tractor-trailer, a guy who allegedly – and I never pursued it – drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch, broadsided my family and killed my wife instantly and killed my daughter instantly and hospitalized my two sons,” Biden had claimed in 2007. He previously suggested that alcohol was involved in the crash in 2001.

A Delaware Superior Court Judge, Jerome O. Herlihy- who investigated the crash at the time as a prosecutor- clarified that there was no reason to believe that any intoxication was involved in the incident when asked about the situation in 2008.

The rumor about alcohol being involved by either party, especially the truck driver (Dunn), is incorrect,” said the judge in response to Joe Biden’s continued suggestions that Dunn was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Police investigating the incident ultimately determined that the crash was determined by a t-bone accident in which the vehicle Neilia Biden was driving pulled into the right of way and was struck by a tractor Curtis Dunn was driving.

Criddle is describing Dunn, who died in 1999, as a loving father and family man.

The 1972 car crash was a tragedy for everyone involved, including then-Senator-elect Joe Biden, regardless of the exact circumstances. A one-year old baby and a mother of three children lost their lives. Falsely accusing a party involved of culpability- no matter how slight- without substantiation is a serious matter, one that Biden should answer to regardless of the passage of time since the incident.

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