EXCLUSIVE: Black Conservative Revs Up Initiative To End Welfare Dependency Through This Forgotten Industry

A conservative activist and supporter of President Donald J. Trump has started a new initiative to end government welfare dependency in urban communities by tapping into opportunities in the Transportation industry.

“Our Nation’s Renaissance begins when our Inner-City citizens are not reduced to Government Dependency and employment hopelessness,” said Kenneth McClenton, owner of The Exceptional Conservative Network and Radio Show.

“A changed heart begins with a wowing of faith, economics, and education.  We believe that Inner-City public safety improves when the Faith Community takes an active role in promoting small business growth, employment creation, and vocational training, ” he said.


“When our students go to the employer, they are going to get a real check and they will be earning their own money. We will be working with them for up to 18 months afterward, to help people get up to job standards, make good choices with their funds and buy their own homes,” McClenton told Big League Politics.


“We can help single Moms. There are jobs people can do from home. Dispatchers can earn up to $50,000. That will help solve many problems,” he said.

Motivated by the murder of his daughter, Charnice Milton, a reporter who was used as a human shield between two rival gangs in DC and shot to death, McClenton turned his pain into activism out of his faith in God, he told Big League Politics.

Helping to change the Urban Community helps him find her killers and prevent other deaths. McClenton, a tireless activist for justice for his daughter, said that stronghold of gangs in Urban areas is something he is passionate about fighting.

“The Government cannot fix these problems.  We have to get private groups to help especially the American Church,” McClenton said.


A major part of President Donald J. Trump’s platform is Employment


McClenton’s group will be helping people who have had previous social, emotional and financial obstacles to employment get prepared to participate in Trump’s push for American workers first.


Mike Heckman is from M2 Transportation LLC COO and National Transportation Academy (LLC), and is  partnering with McClenton for Nation First Transportation Workforce Project (NFTWP)

“Ken and I have talked about this project, of bringing his expertise and passion together with my knowledge of the industry, for a year. We knew we were going to make this work.  People are very interested in what we are doing,” Heckman told Big League Politics.

‘Trump is a construction guy- he knows the Truckers will get it there. We are into this project with Ken for the long haul,” said Heckman

Watch Trump talk about Truckers:

“America first – it’s putting America’s truckers first,” Trump said.




“The Framework of this group, is offering individuals who have been locked into economic displacement a chance to get into the Middle Class, even without a GED by working for the transportation Industry.  Wages can go up to $200,000. We want those people to own homes as well,” McClenton said.

“Mentality changes when you own your own home, instead of renting. And that will make for safer streets and safer families. Ownership also helps overcome gentrification and they can start their own business in those neighborhoods. We want to build a bridge between the 800,000 empty jobs and people who need them, MClenton told Big League Politics.

Students of his program will pay a tuition. “We want to be self-sustaining very fast. We do not want to keep begging for funds. We do not want to go to the Government Trough,” he said.

“I am a radical.  I do not go to councilmen’s offices or government agencies.  I want to do this with private funding,” said McClenton.

Inspired by Trump’s platform and member of Black Americans For A Better Future, a group dedicated to improving the lives of black Americans thru private employment and economic opportunities, McClenton plans on seeking assistance from churches and other private donations.

“The biggest problem is that we need seed money”, McClenton said. “If 1000 American churches gave $100.00 we would be done.”


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