EXCLUSIVE: BLP Confirms David Hogg’s Anonymous Reddit Account

On Wednesday, the /pol/ board on 4chan speculated that they had found an anonymous Reddit account called davisgreen111 that belonged to David Hogg. Today, Big League Politics has exclusively confirmed that davisgreen111 is David Hogg.

The most popular post on the davisgreen111 Reddit account is a link to David Hogg’s lifeguard confrontation video, which many are familiar with. It was the video that originally caused speculation that Hogg actually lived in Redondo Beach, CA, and not Florida:

It appears that Hogg was looking for advice on how to best display his name, which flashes across the beginning of video:

“You should change the title of the video to: “A David Hogg movie Redondo Beach Lifeguard Power-trip on 17 y/o from David Hogg productions by David Hogg,” a Reddit user suggests.

“Starring: David Hogg (kid filming),” says another.

The comments from 7 months ago are consistent Hogg’s story that he was vacationing in California in August.

Now that we know that davisgreen111 is David Hogg, we can get a deeper understanding of the high school student who has become the face of American gun control movement.

Well, there’s this odd post from 6 months ago:

The loudest, most arrogant anti-gun character in America promoting gun violence by posting a picture of a woman holding a gun to her head? It couldn’t be scripted better.

Hogg also harbors disdain for Evangelical Christian Trump supporters:

“What’s the funniest thing about Trump supporters,” Reddit user skyliner360 asked.

“Many of them are evangelicals that go to church and learn about openness, kindness and helping people but don’t want National healthcare or to let in refugees,” Hogg responds.

Hogg is no fan of American Nationalism either:

Much ado has been made about Hogg’s college prospects recently. Hogg’s rejection from multiple universities has been a national headline, and came to a head when Laura Ingraham tweeted about it. Hogg took offense, and urged Ingraham’s advertisers to pull out, which a few did. Ingraham then foolishly apologized, giving in to the leftist lynch mob. Hogg did not accept her apology.

But it turns out that college has long been an issue for Hogg. He railed against the SAT and the admissions process last fall:

“At this point college seems like a f*cking circle jerk of debt collecting 20 somethings that just waste their time getting drunk and partying only to graduate 4 or more years later to find every job that they are qualified for either A. No longer exists because of automation or B.) The need 5 years of experience for a minimum wage entry level job with 0 benefits,” he wrote. “BTW fuck the SAT.”

With an attitude like that, I can’t understand why colleges wouldn’t be lining up to accept him.

Many have wondered how Hogg the seemingly-polished Hogg ended up at the center of the Never Again movement. As BLP reported, Hogg’s mother has connections at CNN. But he also reveals in one of his posts that he has connections to his local ABC station:

“I have a connection with my local news station WPLG (ABC) and I think I’m going to try to get an unpaid internship there,” Hogg wrote.

Hogg’s posts also reveal that he as an avid John Oliver fan. Oliver is a late night comedian political activist who is notoriously anti-Second Amendment.

Hogg has also spent a lot of time recently railing against so-called “conspiracy theorists.” It turns out, though, that Hogg has a bit of a skeptical side himself:

“What’s the most convincing conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard,” he asked.

“Depending on what side you’re on, Stanford doesn’t exist,” one user replied.

Is Hogg so woke that he thinks the existence of Stanford University is simply a conspiracy?

There are hundreds more posts on Hogg’s account that help glean insight into the person behind cable news’ gun control poster boy. Feel free to take a look through them for yourself!

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