EXCLUSIVE: Boeing Manager Gives Insider Perspective On Vaccine Mandates’ Impact On Defense Industry

A stuffed sheep sporting a face diaper and numerous inoculations and a sign reading “BOEING IS NOT MY DOCTOR” are seen at the Boeing Mesa Headquarters.

Like many other large multinational conglomerates, the company of Boeing has decided that employees will now be required to take the full sets of what “public health experts” deem to be the approved Covid-19 shots, regardless of their own personal opinions on the matter.

This has caused strife with many of the workers, leading to various protests on and off the job, mass quitting, and likely inevitable mass firings, according to an anonymous Boeing manager at the Mesa, Arizona location who came forward to Big League Politics. The anonymous manager has worked at Boeing for 20 years, 15 of which have been in management.

The rallies arranged by employees in protest of the mandate have remained numerous, including a recent event attended by Boeing workers and many other freedom-oriented Americans that BLP covered just last month.

“This is not promoting defense readiness, this is the opposite,” the anonymous Boeing manager said when discussing Boeing’s new forced Covid-19 inoculation policy, brought to the company in part by the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate that applies to all private companies with 100 or more employees & those that contract with the federal government.

A video of one multiple rallies held by Boeing employees and others at the company’s headquarters in Mesa, Arizona.

The manager continued, explaining that as many as half of the crew will walk out on the job during a given day of work in protest of the company’s plans to fire them if they refuse to be coerced into taking Covid-19 inoculations before their deadline of January 4th. He further explained that mandates like this one are often argued to boost the defense readiness of a nation, but create the opposite effect as a consequence of all the headaches they cause for employees at every level of the company.

“We have had huge walkout protests,” he said. “On the main assembly line… they have had so many walkouts in protest of this mandatory injection. Literally, 50% of our crew walks out and holds signs… They’ve [even] had Kari Lake [speak].” 

Arizona gubernatorial Republican candidate Kari Lake flying a Gadsden flag.

The person referenced, Kari Lake, is a Republican candidate who hopes to be the next governor of Arizona. She and has spoken out in opposition to draconian Covid-19 mandates and rules on numerous occasions.

Explanations given to BLP by the manager painted a picture of a company disaster created by the inoculation mandate, bringing negative consequences for both the workers and management alike.

“The big fear as a manager is… we already are understaffed… It’s kind of a niche industry, now you have the inflationary factor, people want higher wages, more than the company is willing to pay. We have a lot of competitors in the valley who are willing to pay more for technicians. We are stuck with a skeleton crew in some cases… And now we are doing mandatory vaccination? It’s idiotic.”

A statement made to BLP by an anonymous Boeing manager who came forward to share his story.

There were also reports of low company productivity and morale following the announcement of the mandate. The Boeing manager also explained that the company has created an “us vs. them” dynamic between management and employees. He said that the morale used to be infinitely higher and that those in authority used to get along far better with those below them and vice-versa.

“It has created a division with the employees and the managers. It has created a lot of animosity… people don’t want to talk to you because they are looking at me as the enemy. I’m the enforcer of Covid, I’m the gatekeeper. They’ve made me the Covid police.”

The manager expressed anger and sadness at the policy creating a situation that is profoundly hurting people he cares for.

“These are my family. I’ve known these people for 20 years. I’ve seen them have kids, get married, have their own family, advance in their career,” he reminisced. I’ve seen that whole lifecycle and now it’s sad to see that people are just going to pack up and see this as a job and not a career anymore.” 

He also stated that both himself and other managers have full access to the private medical choices pertaining to shots following the company mandate, a policy he vehemently disagrees with.

“A manager should not have that level of detail,” he said. “It’s not anybody else’s business. It’s absurd.” 

A Boeing Employee holding a sign with Boeing CEO David Calhoun that reads “MISSING – BOEING CEO.”

Also detailed was the manager’s experience attending a leadership meeting held about the new policy in which a doctor was called in to discuss potential negative side effects and their consequences. Leaders of the meeting allegedly cited the CDC and New York Times as authorities on the topic and nonchalantly acknowledged that there will be deaths and injuries from the policy given that Boeing has over 100,000 employees. The suggested procedure in order to deal with such a consequence was to simply file a claim for Workman’s compensation.

“When I heard that I was blown away. The company realizes that multiple people will be harmed by this injection and says here are the resources in case that happens,” the manager stated.

“I do not know anybody who has died of Covid at Boeing Mesa. We have had hundreds of positive cases at my site. To my knowledge, nobody has died from the infection. Now we are going into the realm of injections. Is that rate of mortality also going to be zero? We don’t know that.” 

We also learned that the vast majority of Boeing employees who are currently threatened to be fired by the January 4th deadline have been continuously working regularly and in-person since a March 2020 Department of Defense mandate requiring them to continue their job throughout the pandemic. He also explained that even employees with natural immunity to the virus will also be fired despite their immunity likely being vastly superior to those who only have had the inoculation.

“We have been working side by side, elbow to elbow on occasion… a lot of us even got sick,” he said. “[But] there has been no consideration as to whether you have gotten ill or if your body has developed immunity. You can do bloodwork to prove it but they say that’s not enough. A lot of people feel it’s very intrusive… for us to work this long and all of a sudden they’re doing to mandate this.”

“Boeing is one of the largest defense companies in the world. For over 100 years, we have been making warfighting equipment that is protecting and liberating people from tyrannical leaders… We make F-18s, Apache helicopters… designed to keep people free. But now the same company is removing the individual choice and liberties of its own employees. It’s fighting against America. It’s making people violate their own conscience, their own religious beliefs. It’s sickening that it went from a company defending the US to attacking it. This executive order is nothing short of a tyrannical overreach of liberties.”

A statement made to BLP by an anonymous Boeing manager who came forward to share his story.

Our anonymous friend at Boeing concluded with a message imploring Americans to preserve their God-given freedoms.

“If you’re for the vaccination, that’s awesome. But if you want to opt-out of this experimental injection, that’s okay,” he concluded.  

“We have immigrants come to the US and seek a better life… that was what America was founded on. If we take that away from the American people, we are no better than the countries our ancestors fled from.”

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