EXCLUSIVE: Boeing Workers Share Mission For Medical Freedom At Arizona Rally

November 2021 – A stuffed sheep sporting a face mask and numerous inoculations seen at the AZ State Capitol “Freedom Rally.”


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Last week American patriots of all kinds of persuasions gathered for a rally in Phoenix, Arizona to push for medical freedom in the United States. The event was located at the Arizona State Capitol and dubbed the “Freedom Rally.” Issues highlighted primarily revolved around draconian COVID-19 protocols such as mandatory masks and forced inoculation, especially in the case of private sector companies routinely firing employees who do not capitulate to their demands.

Included in the rally’s attendees was Boeing employee Jon Rhinehart, who recently closed in on his 13th year with the organization. Rinehart is also a veteran, previously having served in the United States Navy for a total of 4 years. To Rineheart, the defense of American freedoms against various COVID-19 related mandates and rules marks one of the most important battles of our time.

13 year Boeing employee and Navy Veteran Jon Rhinehart showing off his stuffed sheep at the Arizona State Capitol “Freedom Rally.”

Rineheart was involved in the event, assisting in the setup of a live stream with Australian citizen Monica Smit.

Freedom!!! Boeings Jon Rhinehart shares the Mission for Medical Freedom

The stream began with an SOS message on behalf of Australians detailing the violations of human rights ensuing under the guise of ‘COVID-19 related health protocols,’ before turning to related topics. Smit represents Reignite Democracy Australia, a change-oriented organization with a self-described mission of providing honest, timely, and truthful information to the citizens of Australia and making the nation truly “strong, free and independent” once again.

Monica Smit, a representative of Reignite Democracy Australia during a live stream at the AZ State Capitol “Freedom Rally.” (11/21)

A previously filmed SOS video by Monica can be viewed at this link.

There were many other rally attendees, including a local student named Daniel who said “we cannot continue to deal with this tyranny… of forcing people to get vaccinated… it should be a personal choice.”

Daniel, a local student in the Phoenix area sporting a “Let’s Go Brandon” sign.

Also attending the event was Sally Starkey, who is the Arizona chapter president of the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. founded Children’s Health Defense, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending childhood health epidemics. Starkey explained that her position regarding the COVID-19 shots is one of transparency and allowing for individual choice.

“The one thing that binds us all together is that we believe at a fundamental level that the government should not be able to cross our skin with an injection if it is unwanted at the personal level,” said Starkey, before offering a final thought that likely summed up the core beliefs every American attending the rally.

“In other words, personal freedom and bodily autonomy.”

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