Exclusive: Broward Coward Sheriff Protects Officer Who Claimed Anti-Sheriff Israel Protestors Were Paid, Made Gay Jokes

Broward County Sheriff’s Captain Ira Goldberg (Facebook)

The Community Outreach Director for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, who is also a Captain on the police force, has refused to back down after making homophobic jokes and accusing anti-Sheriff Scott Israel protestors of being paid on Facebook.

“Gilbert, it’s truly sad that you have to hire people to come help you protest,” said Captain Ira Goldberg to Gilberto Montalvo, Vice President of the Broward County Log Cabin Republicans. “I hope you offered them money instead of sexual favors. Those men deserve better.”

The comment was made in response to a post by Montalvo setting the time and date for a protest against Israel, the embattled Sheriff who recently faced a no-confidence vote from his deputies.

Montalvo was not paying protestors to show up to his events. Goldberg’s comment was simply blind conspiracy theory made protect his longtime buddy, Sheriff Israel. In fact, Israel is not well-liked in Broward County, and many residents are hoping that Governor Rick Scott will remove him the wake of the no-confidence vote. Montalvo has overwhelming support, and would never need to pay anyone to protest Israel.

After being called out for his homophobia, Goldberg refused to back down.

“I won’t be deleting anything, I stand by what I say,” he wrote. “Call the media call [local news reporter] Bob Newman.”

“The comments of Captain Ira Goldberg were so inappropriate and so wrong at so many levels,” Montalvo toldĀ Big League Politics. “To think that Sheriff Scott Israel has this man in charge of the Community Outreach Unit is incredible. This man Ira Goldberg is a bully.”

According to Montalvo, Goldberg is not a qualified or trained police officer. Rather, he was promoted from jail guard duty for supporting Israel’s election campaign.

“The reason he is a Captain for BSO is because he is a close friend of Israel and campaigned for him since the first election,” Montalvo said. “He was a Detention Deputy and once the Sheriff won the election he took out from the jail and promoted him to Captain. No training, no test – this man was appointed Captain.”

Now, Montalvo and others are calling for Goldberg’s firing.

“If Sheriff Israel claims he has ‘amazing’ leadership he should fire Captain Goldberg after this shameful incident,” Montalvo said. “This man’s behavior was an attack on the LGBT community, of which I am a member. Goldberg knew this.”

So far, the Sheriff’s office has done nothing.

Montalvo said that numerous online law enforcement and LGBT groups have shown support for him, and agree that Goldberg’s actions were crossed the line. He plans to continue to fight against both Goldberg and the Sheriff.

Just another day in the clown show that is the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

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