Exclusive: Cabot Tribute- Shootable art for an innovative President

Courtesy Cabot Gun makers

An immigrant turned Naturalized US citizen and gunmaker has created a tribute to the election of President Donald J. Trump.  A 1911 style pistol finished in 24 karat gold, with elements made from a meteorite, housed in historic wood, memorialized by the names of Presidents.

“Trump’s victory ensured the 2nd Amendment will not be infringed for the foreseeable future.  Moreover, the business climate for business large and small is positive,”  Rob Bianchin, Founder & CE Cabot Guns told Big League Politics.

Displayed on a base made from wood in-lays from the U.S.S Constitution.

“We used inlays from USS Constitution because we liked the idea of incorporating an important historical artifact into a future artifact.  Old Ironside is an Icon,” said Bianchin.

Cabot chose Gold to reflect the style of the President.  “24 karat gold is pure,” he said.

The 1911 style pistol is at least one hundred years old.  “It’s the iconic American firearm which has not only served our armed forces as the standard issue pistol for most of the last century but is still used today by selective operatives, agencies and shooting competitors,” Bianchin said.

“The TRUMP 45 is an important firearm, only 45 will exist.  45, 45’s for 45th President commemorative.  Other trademark Cabot details on the TRUMP 45 is a trigger of front sight made of 4.5 billion-year-old Gibeon meteorite are also significant.”

The pistols are serialized sequentially, starting from George Washington (WASHINGTON01) through Donald Trump (TRUMP45).

There is a limited availability.

You can register your interest HERE

Courtesy Cabot Guns 

A few differences between other 1911 style pistols Bianchin said: “In a nutshell, precision fit tolerances are the difference along with the attention to finish detail. Blocks of steel are transformed into 1911 components employing high precision grinding which is 10 times more accurate than CNC machining and allows for straight and consist fit elements. A significant cost goes into the building a Cabot 1911 is the high tolerance components on a Cabot and building them from billet rather than a forging or casting; that is what separates a Cabot from other guns on a technical basis.”

Independent Firearm authority S.P. Fjestad said “Cabot Guns are the Rolls Royce of 1911’s.”

A pledge according to the company’s, American Made Manifesto: “That the people who build them and their parts are true blooded American-dreamers stemming from all walks of life and regions of the globe, united here under stars and stripes to craft the finest in heirloom-quality shootable art.”

Bianchin told BLP, “For sure we are dedicated to the idea of being great at what you do. It’s what made America great.”

“Obviously, we are strong proponents of the 2nd Amendment and the election of President Trump was at a critical point in political history. At stake in this election was judicial appointments that will shape society for a generation or more.”

Bianchin says be believes Trump understands the psychology of markets and will influence the economy. “The President is making folks believe again that we can bring manufacturing back to America,” Bianchin, a student of Free Market Economics, said.

“It’s comforting to know we have a non-traditional politician clawing and fighting for the American worker and American industry,” he said
 “Many people ask me whether I consider Cabot firearms to be art or a firearm. The answer is both — but American art for sure. Luxury firearms are no longer the domain European shotgun makers.  We can still build the finest quality products in America.  Cabot is proof of that.
“God bless the 1911, God bless the American Craftsman, and God bless America!” – Cabot Guns.
It is hard not to get excited about these guns.  Cabot is rewriting the rules for guns and gun appreciation. Their work is a beautiful tribute to innovation, creativity, and passion for Liberty.
For more information, Cabot released the following statement about the Trump 45 1911 HERE.

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