Exclusive: CJ Pearson and David Hogg Tell BLP They Want ‘Common Ground’ on Guns

Big League Politics spoke exclusively with young conservative rockstar CJ Pearson and his liberal counterpart David Hogg about their upcoming discussion on the Second Amendment and guns in America.

“[Hogg] was doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Twitter so I asked why he refused to debate people with opposing views,” Pearson told BLP.

Here is the exchange:

In response, Hogg told Pearson that he prefers civil discussions to debates, and Pearson invited him to have such a discussion:

“We should talk when March for our lives comes through GA dm me,” Hogg responded.

Pearson told BLP that Hogg has already messaged him on Twitter, and that the pair is working on setting a date for the end of the month in Augusta, GA. There are several topics that Pearson hopes to discuss.

One of those topics is mental health.

“Separating emotion from the issue, should be really be blaming guns, or should we be discussing mental health?” Pearson said. “I want to ask ‘How can you find it within yourself to blame five million law abiding members of the NRA?'”

The pair seems to share a mutual respect.

“I commend him for doing something after the shooting, but is this really the solution?” Pearson said. “Maybe we can find common ground. I hope we can find common ground.”

Hogg spoke with Big League Politics via text message.

When asked if he, too, was hoping to find some common ground with Pearson, he answered affirmatively.

“Yes of course,” Hogg said. “I think we can all agree we want to save lives.”

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