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EXCLUSIVE: Could Mysterious Australian Brian A. Hodge Be at Center of Vegas Massacre?

This is the first story in a Big League Politics exclusive series on the Las Vegas shooting



Mystery man Brian A. Hodge has become the focus of a private investigation into America’s deadliest mass shooting, according to an intelligence report completed by ex-government officials dismayed with the way law enforcement has handled the investigation.

Big League Politics has exclusively obtained an in-depth intelligence community-produced report which fuses open-source information, tactical counter-terrorism analysis, cyber-intelligence, and digital data mining into a comprehensive dossier comprised of a detailed profile on Brian A. Hodge’s and his whereabouts during the massacre.

The dearth of answers has frustrated many who have followed the fallout from the Las Vegas Massacre on October 1, 2017. From an investigation that has been suspiciously hush, to the abundance of both believable and absurd theories that have filled the void, one thing is certain: Critically important information about what actually occurred on that tragic night is being withheld from the public.

An Australian national living in Los Angeles, Hodge was present at Mandalay Bay on the night of the mass shooting.

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The digital signatures captured, tactical tradecraft, and media analysis strongly suggest that Hodge should reasonably be suspected as a person of interest in the Vegas massacre, and deserves more scrutiny.

Hodge, a marketer and left-wing activist from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, was born February 16, 1981, and works as a Marketing Director for George P. Johnson Experience Marketing in Los Angeles.

Hodge’s Australian background and support for left-wing causes are well documented on his now-locked Facebook page.

While Hodge does not outwardly espouse violence, his profile is befitting of an ANTIFA affiliate.

He harbors some anti-right wing views, evidenced by a tweet from his now-locked Twitter account. In August, Hodge angrily tweeted at Michael McCormack, a right wing politician and member of the Australian House of Representatives:


He openly and fervently supports traditional left-wing social causes like gay and transsexual  rights, as an outspoken “Yes” voter in Australia’s gay marriage proposition, which eventually passed:

The significance of a potential ANTIFA connection to the Las Vegas massacre cannot be understated.

A Melbourne ANTIFA Facebook page claimed responsibility for the attack shortly after it occurred:

The post claims that one of Melbourne ANTIFA’s “comrades” from the Las Vegas branch made the “fascist Trump supporting dogs pay.”

There has been controversy surrounding the post, which was deleted shortly after it was published.

Snopes claimed to debunk stories identifying the Melbourne Antifa Facebook group represented the true Melbourne Antifa group, basing their claim on an anonymous blogger, and The Daily Mail wrote an article about the post as well.

The “Melbourne ANTIFA” page was subsequently erased from the internet.

Big League Politics did some digging, and reported the following:

To verify the claim that the Melbourne Antifa page was not the REAL Melbourne Antifa page, Snopes reached out to an anonymous blogger called “slackbastard,” and reported his real name to be Andy Fleming. It turns out, though, that Andy Fleming is a pseudonym for a blogger, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. 

“Anti-fascism advocate Andy Fleming (the pseudonym of a Melbourne blogger who tracks far-right groups) describes such posts as “quasi-hysterical,”” the article says.

Big League Politics reached out to “Fleming” anyway, to see how he verified for Snopes that the “Melbourne ANTIFA” post was not credible. He did not provide much in the way of answers. His reasoning was that he’s a member ANTIFA in Australia, and that he “should know:”

Snopes cited an anonymous blogger as a source, and wrongly claimed that the anonymous source’s real name was Andy Fleming. Moreover, “Fleming” has no proof that the “Melbourne ANTIFA” page was a hoax.

Snopes is far from apolitical, and has been known to carry water for leftist causes, just like other Facebook “fact-checkers.”

[F]act-checkers follow a standard set of criteria when determining the veracity of stories on Facebook, and these are based on objective facts, Lauren Svensson, a Communications Manager at Facebook told Big League Politics via email.

Evidenced by Snopes’ handling of the “Melbourne ANTIFA” post, that is untrue. Daily Mail has not retracted its original story.

Furthermore, foreign nationals with dubious ties have been connected to other ANTIFA activities in the United States.

Big League Politics reported in February:

“An eyewitness to the fatal car crash in Charlottesville, Virginia was photographed socializing with progressive billionaire George Soros’ son. Records reveal that the eyewitness has been employed as an adviser to Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Big League Politics has obtained a photo of Chris Mahony, a New Zealand-born rugby player employed by the World Bank Group, with Alex Soros, son of the politically active socialist financier.

Mahony’s bio at the Centre for International Law Research and Policy lists advisory work that he did for the Open Society Initiative, a project of Soros’ Open Society nonprofit network.”

Here is the photograph of Mahony and Alex Soros:

A vast amount of the civil unrest following the election of President Donald J. Trump is not grassroots organized, but rather financed by power brokers with political motivations.

Who exactly is international man of mystery, Brian Hodge? What was he doing at the Mandalay Bay on the night of the massacre? What is his relationship to those already known to have participated in the massacre, and others still unknown to the public?

These questions, along with many more will be addressed in an upcoming series of articles.

Peter D'Abrosca is an investigative journalist from the state of Rhode Island. He is the Senior Reporter at Big League Politics. Follow him on Twitter by clicking the icon below.


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Deep State

FBI Agent Assigned to Weiner Case Alluded to Child Porn on Laptop



Buried in the middle of page 303 in the IG report is testimony from an FBI Agent assigned to the 2016 Anthony Weiner case that seems to have gone unnoticed since the document as released.

“Why isn’t anybody here,” asked the case agent rhetorically while testifying to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Like, if I’m the supervisor of any [Criminal Informant] squad in Seattle and I hear about this, I’m getting on with headquarters and saying, ‘hey, some agent working child porn here may have [Hillary Clinton] emails.'”

Read the quote in full context here:

“In an October 3 email, the case agent stated that a ‘significant number’ of emails on the Weiner laptop appeared to be ‘between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton’ (the latter who appears to have used a number of different email addresses,” the report says.

According to this section of the report, there were several emails found on Weiner’s laptop between Abedin and Clinton, and that same laptop may also have had child porn on it. Weiner is currently serving a 21 month sentence in Federal Prison for sexting a 15-year-old girl, and will be required to register as a a sex offender upon his release.

More broadly, the case agent assigned to Weiner’s case was explaining to the OIG that the FBI took no action to investigate Weiner’s laptop, and he could not understand why.

According to the case agent, he documented to his supervisor, an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) for the Southern District of New York whom he describes as a “friend,” his concerns with the investigation several times, starting with the October 3 email. He was hoping that the AUSA would contact District Attorney Preet Bharara and get him involved. Apparently, she did not.

“And I told [the AUSA], ‘I’m a little scared here,'” he said. “I don’t know what to do because I’m not political. Like, I don’t care who wins this election, but this is going to make us look really, really horrible.”

Two and a half weeks after initially alerting the AUSA about his concerns, on October 19, the case agent met with the AUSA in person. A second AUSA was present. Still, nothing was accomplished.

The case agent’s story of FBI inaction fits with disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s actions during the “investigation.” Big League Politics reported that Strzok slow-played the Weiner laptop search warrant:

“FBI agent Peter Strzok emailed the draft copy of the Anthony Weiner search warrant to himself on his private email address days before the election, which allowed him to make changes to the warrant without being detected by FBI documentation. This revelation came out in the Michael Horowitz inspector general report.

If Strzok had printed out the draft warrant at his office, it would be subject to official FBI records. But instead he sent it to his private email on October 29, which allowed him to print it off at home. Insiders believe that Strzok showed the draft warrant to other people, despite the warrant being under seal by a federal judge.

The Anthony Weiner warrant ended up being limited in scope, leaving out some of the private email domains that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin used to send each other classified information.”

BLP Passage Ends.

According to the OIG report, the case agent “was, getting, for lack of a better word, paranoid, that like, somebody was not acting appropriately, somebody was trying to bury this.”

Even members of the FBI were suspicious that the FBI was covering for the Clinton machine. What exactly were they covering up?

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Trump To Meet With Putin In July



Just days after a historic meeting in Singapore with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump is setting his sights on Russia.

Friday morning, President Trump took a stroll on the front lawn of the White House, stopping for an impromptu interview with Steve Doocy from Fox & Friends-marking the first time any American president has held an unannounced and unexpected meeting with the press on the grounds of the White House.

During the half-hour long interview with Doocy, President Trump discussed the possibility of meeting with Putin, “ We may, and it started because a reporter shouted to me, ‘Should Putin be in the G7?’, I said no, he should be in the G8.”

“President Trump is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin next month while he is in Europe for a NATO summit,” The Washington Post wrote, citing “a senior administration official and two diplomats familiar with his schedule.”

According to the newspaper, Trump’s “interest in a meeting with Putin became public in March after the Kremlin disclosed that Trump extended an invitation in a phone call with the Russian leader. But US officials say Trump privately has been asking his aides for a bilateral meeting ever since he met with Putin in Vietnam in November on the sidelines of a multilateral economic summit.” “After that meeting, the president said he wanted to invite Putin to the White House,” a US official said as cited by The Washington Post. “We ignored it,” the official added.

The Washington Post went on to explain that, “at the time, top aides in the National Security Council opposed the idea of a meeting and said they didn’t view Trump’s interest in a summit as an order to set one up.” ‘They decided: Let’s wait and see if he raises it again,” said the official.

Tuesday, June 5th, President Vladimir Putin told an Austrian news outlet-ahead of his visit to Vienna-that he speaks with President Donald Trump “regularly”. This was in response to a question about special counsel Robert Mueller’s February indictment of three Russian organizations and 13 Russians when bringing up his relationship to the American president.

Putin has denied Russian meddling in the U.S. election stating, “patriotically minded” hackers may have been involved, but that they were separate from the Russian government.

“Indeed Donald Trump and I have, firstly, met more than once at various international venues,” Putin said according to an official transcript from the Kremlin’s website. “And secondly, we regularly talk over the phone,” he said.

According to readouts available on the White House website, this makes the eighth time the two presidents have spoken by phone since President Trump was elected.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, when asked about a potential meeting said, “we don’t exclude” the possibility but that no specifics have been discussed, reported the Associated Press.

Richard Hooker, senior White House official in charge of Europe, told Russian news agency Tass on Thursday, that the White House had been exploring the idea of meeting in Austria, boasting close ties with Moscow and Washington.

The Russian economy was dealt a heavy blow back in April by the Trump administration when sweeping sanctions were imposed against Russian oligarchs.

Trump also said on Friday, “I think it’s better to have Russia in than to have Russia out. Because just like North Korea, just like somebody else, it’s much better if we get along with them.”

The U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman is currently arranging delegations for Republican senators to visit Moscow, which will end the drought of congressional trips to Russia since the U.S.-Russia relationship hit historic lows after Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine. After a military intervention in Crimea in 2014, Russia was banned from the group, something that President Trump has been very outspoken about blaming on Obama.

“President Obama lost Crimea because President Putin didn’t respect President Obama, didn’t respect our country and didn’t respect Ukraine,” Trump said Friday to a group of reporters on the front lawn of the White House.

Per usual, many are doubting the meeting will be very productive, but look at all that doubted President Trump could de-escalate the tensions with North Korea, let alone his ability to not only meet with Kim Jong Un, but to begin the full denuclearization of the country. There were naysayers then too.

President Trump has continued to fulfil promises made, and to leave the mainstream media scrambling for ways to spin events they thought they would never have to cover in their career–especially not with the person they loathe the most, U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

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Paul Manafort Sent to Jail over Alleged Witness Tampering



The former campaign chairmen for President Donald J. Trump has been ordered to jail pending trial for alleged money laundering and failure to register as an agent of a foreign government.

“The harm in this case is harm to the administration of justice and harm to the integrity of the court’s system,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Paul Manafort in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Manafort is accused of calling and texting potential witnesses in upcoming trial. He was originally given a $10 million bail and sentenced to house arrest while his charges were pending. Manafort also entered a not guilty plea for witness tampering charges. His trial is set for September.

“I feel badly about a lot of it because I think a lot of it is very unfair,” said Trump.“I feel a little badly about it. They went back 12 years to get things that he did 12 years ago.”

The original charges are unconnected to alleged Russian “collusion”during the 2016 election for which there is still no proof, but Manafort was swept up in the investigation for his connection to the Trump campaign. His alleged wrongdoing took place a decade ago, well before his involvement with Trump.

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