EXCLUSIVE: Dental Records and Email Transcripts Show Child Abuse Accusations Against Eric Greitens are Fabricated

Big League Politics has obtained dental records and emails written by Sheena Greitens proving that child abuse allegations against Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens are politically motivated.

Sheena Greitens has accused her ex-husband of child abuse at a time in which Eric Greitens is being exonerated from a previous railroading initiated by his Democrat opponents, who have been sanctioned and convicted of mishandling evidence to set up Greitens and drive him out as Missouri Governor in 2018. These documents show that another conspiracy is afoot in an attempt to thwart Greitens’ political comeback.

Documents from the Columbia Dentistry For Children in May 2020 show that Greitens’ child Joshua aggravated his upper lip while playing, which resulted in a bump above his tooth that looked like a canker sore. After the bump became infected began draining, Joshua was prescribed an antibiotic and the tooth was extracted a week later without any complications. Sheena reported no abuse throughout the routine process.

In an email addressed from Sheena to Eric Greitens on June 2020, Sheena complained about her son’s ear infection and nagged Eric for taking his son swimming in a lake. She described Joshua getting the tooth infection from “roughhousing,” not from any abuse from his father. Pictures provided to Big League Politics additionally show that damage to Joshua’s tooth and gums was incredibly minor and barely visible.

In another email addressed to Eric, Sheena noted that both of their children, Joshua and Jacob, attested that Jacob was hit by a teenager in a park which resulted in a bruise to the face. Sheena expressed her concerns that the children “may need to be supervised more closely to ensure their safety” because “it seems like the boys are playing too rough.” This was Sheena’s story before she was allegedly approached by Karl Rove and other RINO political operatives.

Additionally, Sheena filed an affidavit in 2020 during her divorce proceedings with Eric swearing that “no material fact” about the welfare of her children went unreported. She did not include any information about her husband committing any abuse against herself or their children. Since meeting with Rove’s operatives, she has signed an affidavit attesting the exact opposite of what she stated in 2020. This contradiction shows that Sheena may be committing perjury as part of a plot to undermine her ex-husband’s political career and destroy his reputation.

Sheena has also claimed that she made the abuse allegations to her counselor, her attorney and a court-appointed mediator. All of these individuals are mandated under their licenses to report child abuse to law enforcement in Missouri and to do otherwise is a felony. According to Sheena, these individuals committed criminal acts by refusing to report suspicion of a felony by withholding the information from authorities.

Another tell-tale sign of Sheena’s alleged dishonesty is changing the language in her affidavit in an attempt to cover her tracks. Her initial draft of the affidavit claimed that she never worked with any political operatives in order to come up with her testimony. In a second draft, she only claimed that Karl Rove did not directly contribute to the testimony in her affidavit. Sheena is justified in her trepidation regarding her dubious affidavits, as Eric Greitens’ lawsuit to subpoena her phone records is moving rapidly through the courts.

Greitens’ attorneys are requesting access to 57 days of call logs and text messages from Verizon and AT&T for phones that are owned by Sheena Greitens, her sister Catherine Linkul, former Greitens campaign manager Austin Chambers, and another number from an individual who has yet to be publicly identified. Sheena’s attorney, Helen Wade, has admitted that Sheens is in close contact with Linkul and Chambers, who is described as a close friend.

“This is a fishing expedition with a specific collateral purpose,” Wade said. “It is overboard and it is for the purpose of harassment. It is for intimidation.”

However, Greitens’ attorneys are more than happy with the appointment of a special master who can sift through the records to determine if the conspiracy had in fact taken place. This would protect the privacy rights of the various parties involved while getting to the bottom of the matter.

“I am interested in knowing who was talking to who at or near the time of the leak in an effort to confirm a sad suspicion,” Eric Greitens’ attorney Gary Stamper said. “I hope I am wrong.”

Additionally, it has been revealed that Sheena’s sister, Linkul, is deeply tied to the Republican Party establishment that is working to undermine Greitens’ rise. Linkul works as the vice president of strategy for P2 Pathway Public Affairs. This firm is run by Phil Cox, a veteran GOP establishment operative who worked as Executive Director of the Republican Governors Association from 2011-14. He has deep ties to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, serving as a board member for his Super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund.

The #metoo era has certainly resulted in several high-profile predators being brought to justice, but it has also allowed seedy consultants and operatives to weaponize abuse claims in order to impugn their enemies, further lowering our political and social discourse. What the RINO establishment is attempting to do to Greitens with these false accusations is one of the lowest examples of these malicious attacks to date.

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