EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Who Authored University Of California Anti Mandate Petition Speaks Out

A recent Big League Politics exclusive covered Google’s censorship of an online petition coming from members of the University of California (UC) family. The letter, which was penned by Dr. Kristine Burke of Folsom, California, centered around one central message: the UC schools should no longer mandate any type of Covid-19 shots or boosters.

Within less than a week, Google had already purged the petition off of their search engine. Nothing. Not even a trace.

BLP has since sat down with Dr. Burke after she very kindly agreed to an interview on the matter. Burke herself is staunchly opposed to the university’s Covid-19 booster mandates and has been a longtime advocate of patient choice and informed consent. We began by asking Dr. Burke a simple question: “Why are you doing this?”

“I have been following research papers,” Dr. Burke replied. “Once we saw the data for Myocarditis on young people coming out… it really increased my concern.”

The California doctor continued, explaining the numerous potential risks that can stem from taking a forced Covid-19 inoculation, especially in the case of children and younger adults. Dr. Burke expanded on this, explaining that the mandate does nothing to protect others and unnecessarily puts students at a higher risk.

“There is no medical, scientific, legal, or moral support for a mandate for college-aged students. The mandate is literally counter to science.” 

Dr. Burke also offered her own predictions on the potential health outcomes we may see in the California public university system following the enforcement of their new Covid-19 booster mandate. The numbers, unfortunately, painted a grim picture: calculations by the doctor based on CDC data predicted anywhere from 200-1200 cases of the potentially fatal myocarditis exclusively in the male population of students in the UC/CSU system.

Note: for males 18-24 

Two dose calculation Pfizer:  (2.4+37.1)/1,000,000  x ~380,000 male UC/CSU students = 15 cases in the first 7 days 

Based on recent pre-print data that the risk of myocarditis at least doubles with each dose, after the third or booster dose we would expect at least 30 cases folloiwng from this VAERS data.  If we include the CDC’s VAERS under-reporting rate described in the Dec 31, 2021 MMWR of a factor of 6.5, then this would climb to approximately 200 cases.  If we instead apply the Harvard study’s VAERS under-reporting factor of 41-fold, we would expect to see somewhere around 1200 cases. 

Calculations by Dr. Burke, citation included.

We also asked Dr. Burke about her thoughts on Google’s purging of the petition from their search engine. She explained that she is not sure why they did it, but hopes that information would be allowed to flow freely because in her view all individuals have a right to be as informed as possible.

“I have no idea why. I would think that with our freedom of information every parent has the right to know. And every student, these are young adults… they have the right to know what their actual risks are. That’s part of informed consent, that is informed consent. And that’s one of the requirements of these EUA vaccines, but it’s really not being done properly. People don’t know.

We have over 300 signatures on that petition now despite it being censored from Google and we have so many experiences of people experiencing side effects and parents are worried. And honestly, if they aren’t worried, they’re probably underinformed.”

Also touched upon during the interview was the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is widely considered to severely underreport adverse reactions to various vaccines. Dr. Burke pointed to a Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study that concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Further reveals by the doctor showed even more questionable methods of data collection by the CDC, using a direct example from the CDC’s website discussing numerous instances of children facing adverse reactions following a series Pfizer Covid-19 inoculation with no report submitted to VARES.

A passage from the CDC’s website directly confirmed instances of adverse reactions leading to hospitalization of the child being recorded on their “v-safe” system only to never make it to VARES. In this example, only two out of fourteen patients’ parents or healthcare providers submitted a report.

Fourteen v-safe registrants aged 5–11 years were reported to have been hospitalized after vaccination. V-safe does not directly record diagnoses associated with hospitalization; however, parents and guardians can include supplemental text for each health check-in. Whether hospitalization was the result of vaccination could not be determined; however, all parents and guardians who reported a child’s hospitalization were contacted and encouraged to complete a VAERS report. Two parents completed a VAERS report on behalf of a child who was reported to v-safe to have been hospitalized.

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

We asked Dr. Burke why a university would do such a thing if the widely repeated claim that taking a Covid-19 jab helps “protect others” are in fact not true.

“It just feels that the science is so clear, there might be another motivation,” she bluntly replied.

“The data has changed… so we have to reevaluate our decision-making based on what we know now… not what we knew then…. especially when it’s based on a potentially life-threatening consequence.”

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